3 Guidelines for Preparing to Install New Carpet

new carpet

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Deciding to purchase new carpet is exciting. It is fun to choose color, pile, and texture and envision it in your home. Now, installation day is approaching, and it’s time to prepare.

Clear Out Furniture

While some carpet stores may include moving your furniture, many (maybe most), do not. Check with your carpet retailer about their policy. If moving furniture is not included, you need to decide if you will move it or have professional local movers Canton MI do it for you. While it is tempting to do it yourself, keep in mind that reputable companies can have insurance for any damage done during moving. Movers have the skill and expertise to carry your furniture quickly and carefully to avoid harm. Professional movers may also be able to assemble and disassemble bedframes or audio/visual equipment much faster than you can.

Remove the Current Carpet

Ask your installers if they charge to remove the existing carpeting, or if there is a discount for removing it yourself. If you do remove the current carpeting, use a safe method, and the right tools. Also, consider additional options like whether you would like to keep smaller sections of the carpet for use elsewhere, or if you have any quick DIY repairs.

Preparation on the Day of Installation

Try to think ahead of your carpet installers. Clear any clutter from their path and remove any decorations from walls that may get knocked down by materials the retailer hauls into the installation area. Consider the weather or location – if it’s muddy out, you may want to put down some drop cloths to protect your current carpet from getting stained during the installation. If you have small children or pets who can get in the way, you may want an assistant at your home to keep the pet or child away from the work area.

Using these suggestions should help to make your carpet installation go smoothly. Soon after, you may start enjoying the carpeting you selected for your home.