4 Amazing Benefits of Resurfacing with Decorative Concrete

decorative concrete

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Remodeling concrete surfaces may seem like a tedious and expensive project for any property owner. To those unfamiliar with concrete resurfacing, the thought of replacing the existing concrete and pouring a fresh batch of cement mix may come to mind. If you’re one of them then you’d be glad to know that it doesn’t always have to be this way.

Concrete resurfacing answers the concerns raised when it comes to concrete replacement. It renews concrete surfaces without having to remove the entire existing slab. Back then, applications and materials weren’t as extensive and as advanced. This means that resurfacing was limited to achieving a new yet plain concrete surface. Today, manufacturing companies and concrete experts have found ways include decorative applications with concrete resurfacing. In this article, we discuss the 5 benefits of decorative concrete resurfacing for residential and commercial spaces.

  1. Fully Customizable

With all the decorative systems, techniques, methods and materials available the design potential of this application is limitless. It allows you to have a fully customized concrete space to achieve any aesthetic you want. Maybe you want to go for vintage, contemporary, minimalist or industrial look anything is possible. Expert installers can provide an intricately detailed design from high-gloss marble to medieval paving so you know that the possibilities are endless.

Increased Durability and Service Life 

The coatings and overlays used to achieve decorative applications during concrete resurfacing serve a dual purpose. Not only do these enhance the look of the existing concrete but these also act as a protective layer. These seals in the porous surface of the concrete substrate and protects it from abrasions and weather exposure. If you’ve always wanted concrete surfaces that are completely low-maintenance but high in performance then concrete resurfacing is your answer.

Cost-Effective Compared to Other Materials 

Decorative concrete is the ultimate alternative to any flooring, decking, patio or driveway material out there. Because of this, you won’t have to settle for locally available materials that can cost a lot more. It’s safe to assume that you’ve probably considered wood, natural stone, tile, brick, and other materials. If so, you’d be glad to know that concrete resurfacing can authentically mimic the look of all these materials. That’s all without sacrificing its many benefits.

Faster Installation

 Imagine how long it would take to manually remove existing concrete slabs and then pour in a new concrete mix.  The curing time for this will halt operations in commercial settings for a long time making it bad for business. In residential properties, this can be quite a nuisance that can affect day-today activities especially when it comes to noise. Concrete resurfacing is relatively quicker than this traditional process. It also requires much less manpower reducing the probability of risks.