4 Tips to Successfully Organizing Your Garage

Organizing Your Garage

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In most households, the garage holds much more than just vehicles. Tools, holiday decorations, bicycles, and lawnmowers are just a few items that you might find cluttering up this space.

Has your garage become a catch-all for all those things you’ve been meaning to sell, donate, or put in storage?

It’s time to declutter and transform your garage into an organized, usable space. It’s time to declutter and transform your garage into an organized, usable space. You can also hire professional services in this regard. https://www.zerowastegroup.co.uk/portsmouth-rubbish-removal can be a great consideration if you are a UK resident.

Grab your label maker and let’s discuss our tips for organizing your garage!

1. Purge

This is the first step when organizing any space in your home. Take a good look at what items you have and divide them into separate piles labeled:

  • Keep
  • Donate/sell
  • Storage
  • Toss

Get rid of any items you haven’t used in the last six months. Purge anything you forgot you had or no longer have use for. Be sure to visit WM Waste Management Services to find out more about skip bin hire.

Hosting a garage sale is the perfect way to make space and fatten your wallet! Donate any items that are in good condition to a local thrift store or Salvation Army.

A garbage disposal company like Same-Day Rubbish Removal can help take any unwanted items off your hands.

The fewer items crowding your garage, the easier organizing your garage will be.

2. Do a Deep Clean

Once you’ve cleared some space, it’s time to perform a deep clean. Break out the broom, dustpan, and shop vac if you have one.

Pick up any loose debris including nails, broken items, or dead insects or rodents. Clean the cobwebs from the corners, ceiling, and shelves.

Try to remove stains on the ground left from oil or other chemicals. At the end of the day, it’s still a garage so it doesn’t need to be spotless. It just needs to be free of junk and clutter if organization is your goal.

3. Hang Shelves and Racks

This is one of the best ways to utilize every inch of your garage. The more items you can get up off the floor, the better.

Hang shelves along the walls and racks on the ceiling. Store items you use less frequently in the hard to reach places.

Hooks are perfect for hanging gardening tools. Add pegboard to the walls for hanging small items.

4. Label Everything

There’s nothing worse than staring up at those boxes high on the shelf trying to remember exactly what’s in them. Label everything!

Take note of what you place in each box or container and label the outside face so you can easily see it. Take things one step further and invest in clear containers where items are visible from the outside.

Labels are useful for smaller items too. Label the edges of all shelves and racks. This keeps things organized and returned to their proper place.

Take the Guesswork Out of Organizing Your Garage

Do you feel overwhelmed every time you look out into your cluttered garage? Don’t be!

With a little planning and these few tips, you can easily transform your garage into a clean, usable space. Now that you’re done organizing your garage, you’re probably ready to tackle another area of the house.

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