5 Bathroom Cleaning Tips

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Keeping a clean bathroom is so important, not just to give yourself a beautiful environment, but also for hygiene and health purposes.  The cleanliness rapidly declines though if left unattended, it is the perfect place for bacteria, mould, mildew – dampness creates all sorts of nasties that you do not want in your house; blocked plugholes, mould, mildew, limescale, and leaving them alone just makes them harder to shift.

Following our 5 bathroom cleaning tips as part of your overall cleaning schedule will ensure that you are quick, but more importantly effective, in keeping this important area of your house so clean that you won’t mind when visitors ask where it is.

1. Bath Routine

There are a number of different materials for baths, and they all need treating slightly differently.

Fibreglass/Acrylic – make sure you rinse and dry every time it’s used.  Only ever use a nylon bristle brush with your cream cleaner and use a limescale remover on the taps if you are in a hard water area.  It will scratch, so be careful what you use to clean any stubborn areas.

Enamelled – these call for special care – soft cloth only, and no limescale removing products because it will affect the shine on the enamel.  Half white wine vinegar/half water will give you a very effective solution to remove any limescale without affecting the finish of your bath.  If there is damage then professional recoating is your only recourse, and it’s expensive, so go gently and try and use home remedies rather than harsh abrasives.

Whirlpool and Spa Baths – These not only need cleaning as fibreglass/acrylic baths, but also need the pipes cleaning weekly.  Add the recommended cleaning agents to the water and run the programme as stated in the manufacturers’ instructions.

2. Basins

The basic cleaning guidelines for the different materials are exactly as for the baths above.Additionally the basin plughole always needs attention – most new basins have a removable plug/plug hole.  Make sure that this is removed regularly and cleaned thoroughly, additionally there will be an overflow – bottle brushes are amazing for these hard to reach areas, and will enable you to clean those hard to reach areas.

3. Showers

The best tool ever for showers and shower doors is a window water scraper – they are readily available, very cheap, and very effective and making sure that the water marks do not build up.  After showering wash the cubicle quickly to remove any soap residue and swipe the water away from walls and doors using the scraper.

If the shower is fitted with a curtain always leave it open to dry.

Don’t neglect the shower tray, stains will build up very quickly, always use a cream cleaner, rinse thoroughly and dry.

4. Grout and Sealant

Dirty or mouldy grout or sealant will spoil the look of an otherwise clean bathroom – and once it’s established it is very hard to shift.

There are any number of mould and mildew removers on the market, some are more effective than others but you will need to find one that works for you.

Spray regularly to prevent regrowth.

For grouted areas make a solution of one part bleach to three parts water and scrub with an old toothbrush.  Old toothbrushes are brilliant for cleaning bathrooms!

5. Toilet

For ongoing confidence, with fragrance and/or color if you wish then an automatic toilet cleaner is easy to fit, and once fitted can be forgotten about.  This doesn’t mean that you don’t need to pull your gloves on though. Clean the outside areas of the bowl with a proprietary cleaner regularly, and don’t forget the floor around the base.  Under the rim, the seat, cistern, and most importantly the handle.

This is one place where you do not want any build up – a good scrubbing of the inside on a regular basis will keep it sparkly.

Bathrooms are often not cleaned as regularly as we would like, they slip the net because they aren’t as public as the rest of the house.  A quick swipe after use will save any build up of water marks, or stains, and help you keep maintenance to a minimum. There are even bathroom specific wipes that you can buy now to swish and wipe very easily indeed.

Fitting an automatic toilet cleaner gives a great deal of day to day reassurance, but it doesn’t mean that all of the other areas won’t benefit from following the 5 bathroom cleaning tips above.

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