5 Dining Room Decoration Mistakes to Avoid for New Homeowners

dining room decoration

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Whether you have a bunch of friends over or it’s just a regular evening with only the family, sitting down together at a dining room table for mealtime is one of the best bonding experiences for a group of people. There’s just something about sharing a meal that helps people build stronger relationships with each other.

This means that your dining room decoration needs to be on point. This room should be a place that your family and company want to spend time in. If you commit these cardinals sins in dining room decoration, then you’ll ruin the effect!

1. Not Enough Natural Light

Just like with any other room in your house, natural light is crucial to your dining room area. Studies have linked low levels of natural light in the home to depression in its residents. The message is clear: rooms with a low level of natural light aren’t places that people want to spend time in.

As the sun sets over the horizon, you want the last rays to catch and light up the room as you set the table for supper. If your dining room isn’t set up with the right windows to make the most of the natural light it gets, then you’re missing out.

2. Poor Kitchen Access

Another dining room decoration mistake is poor kitchen access. You want to be able to quickly and easily transfer plates and food from your kitchen into your dining room. Don’t put anything in the path from your kitchen to your dining room that will reduce the access.

3. Not Having a Bar Close at Hand

Having a bar is a crucial part of being able to entertain guests at your place. You don’t need to have a fully stocked wet bar in your dining room, but there should be some shelving in place where you can keep some fine liquors and wines close at hand with the right glassware. You can use a humidor cabinet to store the bar.

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4. Uncomfortable Furniture

If your dining room furniture is uncomfortable, you’ll find your guests trying to excuse themselves to the living room as soon as the meal’s over. By purchasing the right set that offers lots of comfort, you and your family will enjoy lounging at the table and catching each other up on the events of the day long after dessert has been eaten.

5. Not Using Plants to Brighten the Place Up

Nothing brightens up a dining room table quite like fresh flowers. Use these in abundance to bring some of the vibrance of nature into your home.

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Dining Room Decorating Mistakes to Avoid

There you have it—now that you know what dining room decoration mistakes to avoid, you’re well on your way toward designing a beautiful dining room that will have guests and family alike lounging at the table for hours on end!

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