5 Flooring Trends In 2019

Hardwood Floors in Bedroom Image

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One of the most important aspects of your home is flooring. If the flooring is not appealing enough, the entire look of the home will change. Flooring trends have changed with homeowners acquiring new preferences and technology allows them to experiment with different flooring designs. 2018 was a year of medium brown shades that appealed to the homeowners. Most popular flooring finishes ranged from driftwood to ebony and it is expected that this trend will continue in the coming years. 2019 is also a year of faux flooring and the tiles which look very much like wood will remain in trend. Here are a few top trends of the year.

Fumed wood flooring

Most types of wooden flooring undergo a sort of staining which gives it the desired finish. When it comes to fumed wood flooring, it is rich in grain as well as color and does not have any staining. In this process, wood is put through fuming which involves placing the piece of wood inside a chamber where ammonia will be released. It will then react with the ammonia and will go through a change in color. This reaction will not lead to the same changes but the final result which is achieved will depend on many different factors including the type of wood used, the atmosphere and the outside environment. Now if two similar types of woods are put through the process, there will be a variation in the resulting colors. Fuming can give the wood a rich and dark tone which will make it more elegant and luxurious as compared to the stained wood flooring. Never confuse fumed wood with the one that has liquid ammonia on it because that will damage the fiber and might significantly weaken the structure.

Bleached wood flooring

Everyone is not a fan of the glossy brown color of the wooden floors. Many find the soft, whitewashed look appealing. This is the type of flooring which consists of the wood which has gone through the bleaching process which is also known as blanching. In this process, a chemical solution is supposed to be applied to the top of the wood in order to get rid of its color. This process will provide the wood with a whitewashed look that has natural wood grain which is still visible from the underneath. Through this, you will not lose the charm and still manage to maintain the beauty of natural wood. You can go through the options offered by the flooring experts and choose from their vast selection. Before renovating the home, you need to ask the contractor which is a better option for you. The trend of bleaching is going to remain popular in the coming year and will be highly preferred by seaside properties and farmhouse style homes.

Distressed wood and concrete tiles

Another popular style is a distressed floor style which has been in existence for a while. A lot of homeowners will opt for the luxury look and feel in their flooring in the coming year. In order to achieve this look, the floor will have to undergo aging and a styling process to get the worn finish. If you desire a rustic look, this type of flooring will work the best for you. There are various actions that are taken based on the type of distress you desire. Now if you are not keen on wood flooring then you can opt for distressed concrete flooring. Distressed concrete will undergo an artificial process in order to reduce the heavily polished look and in turn, it will produce a very worn out patina. The concrete flooring can be easily integrated into different types of decors but usually works best with contemporary homes.

Wood flooring

We are all familiar with the traditional side by side formation of the wood pieces that are laid on the floor. It is a practical way of using wood for flooring and it can also have a decorative use to it. If you want to give a twist to the space at home, use patterned wood layouts by placing them side by side. It is a stylish flooring option that is going to be used throughout 2019. Patterned floors are something you should not overlook. They are used all across kitchens, bathrooms and much more. You can choose a fun pattern for the home and add a stylish accent to the dining hall or the kitchen. It is also widely used across bathrooms.

Vintage black and white

The theme of vintage can bring back nostalgia. It is about the classic style and the memories of many decades of the past and 2019 are going to give the monotone tiles a good welcome. It is not the boring black and white colored tiles which adorn the historic homes but it is the bold and highly luxurious tiles available in the market. A lot of homeowners are looking to add a unique blend to their flooring style and this includes small tiles with bold graphic patterns. It blends the vintage with the modern for the ideal look.

2019 will be all about experimenting because people are not happy with the traditional materials and homeowners want flooring material which has been given special treatment so as to make their home look unique in terms of texture and design. Buyers are always looking for different and exciting options for the flooring in their home. Fortunately, the year will see a lot of new styles, quality, and variety which is not going to disappoint. You need to identify the type of look you want to create in your home and then look for different flooring options. Consider the present flooring in your home and look at the alternatives to enhance it in the best possible manner. Sometimes it becomes easier to create entirely new flooring instead of working on the flooring already present in your home because it could take more time and could cost more.