5 Great Rooftop Garden Designs You Should Consider

Rooftop Garden Designs

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To garden enthusiasts living in an urban area might seem like a nightmare. Without a doubt, grey streets, limited green areas, and no free place for a self-made garden are bound to sadden any nature lover. Luckily, there is one solution for gardening lovers stuck in the city – a rooftop garden. This option offers many possibilities to design a natural and relaxing retreat close to home.

However, before you build your rooftop garden, it’s best to plan it strategically and design it according to the best gardening professionals’ advice. Don’t worry, though. With a bit of common sense, a good pair of gloves, and our short guide, you will design your dream roof garden in no time. Read on to find out more!

1. Flooring

One of the most important things you have to consider while planning your rooftop garden is the right flooring. It should fit not only your budget but also the climate you live in and the desired theme of the rooftop garden.

In fact, poorly chosen flooring will quickly deteriorate, leaving you with the need to change it every few years. To avoid additional costs, think about it beforehand while planning the overall design. For example, wooden flooring will be great for a retro-styled rooftop garden in a mild climate. On the other hand, material like classic bond will work amazingly in the rainy area with a lot of exposure to harsh weather conditions. While choosing the right material, always consider the durability, performance, as well as warranty.

2. Good Irrigation System

A roof terrace is an outdoor space with an extraordinary microclimate. Your plants are bound not to have any access to groundwater, which means they might risk severe droughts every now and then. Thus, you should consider an irrigation system and drainage system an utmost necessity for a good rooftop garden design. Depending on the available budget and the specific rooftop you have, you might have different options, so it’s always better to consult an expert before deciding to install it yourself.

3. Minimalistic Seating

A crucial part of your rooftop space will be the seating. One of the prevalent mistakes that gardeners make is buying heavy, bulky outdoor furniture, which dominates the whole area and feels overwhelming. Remember that your garden should give away the feeling of lightweight and good style, so better focus on built-in seating systems, which mix seating with planting.

For instance, to ensure privacy and an intimate atmosphere away from the neighbors, you can add tall plants behind the seating. Whichever type of outdoor furniture you decide to go for, always remember to check its weight and stability to ensure the wind won’t blow your furniture away.

4. Lighting

Once you start planning the strategic arrangement of your plants and other structures, you should also design the corresponding lighting. For instance, you can string LED lights around walls and through a pergola and install uplights close to architectural plants such as palms or yuccas.

The effect will add depth to the garden, which can look astonishingly at night and create the illusion of mysticism and mystery. Remember that a good lighting scheme always includes plants and lights working together to create a sound whole, so think about it beforehand to ensure a unique and astonishing effect.

5. Focal Point

Importantly, remember always to set one focal point that will be your garden’s primary focus. That might be the seating area, a small water fountain, a fire pit, or a heater in the middle of the whole space. The heating devices will create a natural gathering place, especially at evening parties. Additionally, they will allow you to use the area during autumn just as effectively as in the summer. And if you also equip your garden with speakers and a projector on a wall, your guests won’t ever want to leave the place!


When designed in the right way, a roof garden will serve you not only as a relaxing area with beautiful views of the city but also an extension of your home. Soon you will find out that the sense of escapism and comfort that the area can provide you with is impeccable. That’s why it’s always best to spend some time designing this unique place in the best possible way, so it directly corresponds to your needs and preferences.

Although great designers often mention irrigation systems, flooring, minimalistic seating, lighting, and focal points as great ideas for fantastic design, you will find many more ideas you can try for yourself on the web. Who knows, maybe you will get inspired to get out of your comfort zone and use this space in a way that you’ve never planned to? When it comes to roof gardens, the possibilities are endless.