5 Top Tips to Create a Jaw-Dropping Feature/Accent Wall

5 Top Tips to Create a Jaw-Dropping Feature/Accent Wall

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According to a study published by Reuters, American homeowners are expected to spend about $340 billion on home improvement projects.

Though most home improvement projects are necessary, it doesn’t take much to uplift the ambiance of your home interiors. Creating an eye-catching accent wall can add an interesting touch to your home without breaking your bank

Whether you choose to accentuate your fireplace mantel or add bold patterns and colors, an accent or a feature wall can make a huge visual impact on your visitors.

Read on for fascinating tips on creating a jaw-dropping accent wall in your abode, thereby elevating your home décor.

Identify the Room’s Focal Point

Every room has a dramatic focal point that can be made to stand out from the rest of the room. Accent walls let you highlight these focal elements.

Not sure which wall to accentuate? Think about this: what is the first thing you want your visitors to notice when they visit you?

Source: https://pixabay.com/en/living-room-sofa-couch-2569325/

Do you want to highlight the large window in your living room that opens up to a picturesque view? Or you probably want visitors to notice your attractive fireplace mantel?

The answer to these questions will help you choose the right wall as your room’s focal point.

Determine the Color Scheme

The color scheme for the accent wall will set the mood and the visual temperature of the room. It is, therefore, wise to choose a color palette that complements your interior décor and highlights the focal elements of the room, such as a vintage couch, a fireplace, or a large piece of art.

For instance, in a room with a focal feature like the fireplace, it’s a great idea to treat the entire wall with a different color or pattern. You may balance the décor with upholstered couches and ottomans made from different types of woods for furniture.

An attractive color or pattern can transform a regular wall into a feature wall, making it stand out from the other elements in the room.

Sofa Inside House Table Furniture Seat RoomSource: https://www.maxpixel.net/Sofa-Inside-House-Table-Furniture-Seat-Room-3126881

An ombre accent wall (or gradient wall) is a serious interior décor trend that’s gaining popularity, owing to its ability to create a luxurious ambiance and add a subtle glow to the room. Determine the mood you desire to set in the room and choose a color palette accordingly.

Add Dimension with Textures

Textures can make a powerful style statement for accent walls, adding depth and dimension to the home interior.

Choose from a variety of textures, such as the classic stone wall, textural tiles, staggered wooden blocks and panels, and brick walls to make your feature wall appear aesthetic and attractive, and liven up the space.

Adding an unconventional texture like the concrete wall and exposed bricks is also great to hide flaws in the walls, creating a one-of-a-kind accent wall design.

Inside The House Window Furniture Room Home SofaSource: https://www.maxpixel.net/Inside-The-House-Window-Furniture-Room-Home-Sofa-3042834

Molding, stained shiplap, wood trim, and baseboards add an architectural charm to the room, giving your guests an extraordinary wall to gaze at.

You can also take up a DIY wainscoting project to add character to the room, making your home look stylish and timeless.

Pay Attention to the Lighting

The right illumination will help emphasize your signature wall and amp up the visual drama, thereby changing the look of your home interior.

Logs Living Room Sun Light WoodSource: https://www.maxpixel.net/Logs-Living-Room-Sun-Light-Wood-1807830

Use accent lighting fixtures, such as chandeliers, floodlights, recessed lights, track lighting, and torchère lamps that can draw attention to the focal point of the room, creating the visual impact you desire.

Recessed wall and ceiling lights create a personal appeal, making them a perfect fit for bedrooms and bathrooms.

The placement and the type of lighting used are important aspects of interior design. Take time to research on the different types of lighting before investing in one.

Invest in Attention-Grabbing Accessories

Painting and adding textures aren’t the only ways to create an accent wall. An attractive interior décor accessory, such as a vintage bookcase, an embellished mirror, a 3D art piece, murals, and a picture collage can spruce up your wall and make great conversation starters.

If you are passionate about nature, fashion, or music, splash it across your accent wall to express your personality.

For instance, nature lovers can opt for attractive 3D mural birds and trees to uplift a bland wall.

Refurbishing the accent wall enables you to instill an extraordinary appeal to an otherwise uninteresting space. Use the effortless tips shared in this post to create a statement-making accent wall, giving your living area a new lease of life.