5 Ways Gutter Cleaning Can Save You Money on Roof and Gutter Repair

Gutter Cleaning Can Save You Money

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When was the last time you looked at your gutters? Has it been a year…two years…never? Your gutters help direct water away from your roof and over time fill with leaves and other debris.

Letting your gutters clog is a recipe for high roof and gutter repair costs. By getting them cleaned, you’re saving time and money.

We understand that gutters are an out of sight out of mind sort of thing. Don’t underestimate their importance to your home.

Check out these five reasons why getting them cleaned can save money on gutter and roof repairs.

1. Eliminates Pooling on the Roof

Fixing your roof is expensive. One way to guarantee a leak is to let water pool on your roof.

Shingles keep water running down your roof out of your home. When the water sits for days in a puddle, it erodes the shingle’s protections and seeps into the plywood underneath. Eventually, the plywood rots and lets water into your home.

You will need the shingles, plywood and other roofing materials replaced. If enough time has passed, then the water could rot the roof frame and cause leaks inside the home.

2. Debris Weight Leads to Gutter Repair

Gutters aren’t meant to support considerable weight. They’re designed to move water, but when leaves, branches, and other debris clog the gutters it adds weight.

When it rains, dirt and leaves absorb the water adding even more weight. The gutters bend from the weight and the supports come undone. The gutters pull away from the home and finally fall.

If you have the gutters cleaned regularly, this won’t happen. The gutter cleaning cost is nothing compared to replacing the gutters.

3. Mold Risk for Your Roof and Inside Home

Earlier, we talked about how standing water can lead to rotting shingles and plywood. It can also cause mold problems and that could be deadly.

When water soaks into the plywood and home supports, it a prime breeding ground for mold. It can reach your ceiling and develop there as well. Mold causes many health problems and can be deadly.

Any areas affected by the mold including the roof, plywood, and supports. Cleaning the gutters keeps water from pooling and mold won’t grow.

4. Clogged Gutter Downspouts Create Problems

The upper roof gutters are not the only ones that clog. Waste falls into the gutter downspout clogs this as well.

Water can’t flow through and pushes the debris further down. It can lead to water back-flow and break the downspout.

The debris causes small cracks in the downspout. Debris pushes against the sides because of the increased weight and distends the downspout.

Your rain gutter is vital to your roof. If your downspout clogs, then water isn’t draining. Gutter cleaning keeps the debris from building up.

5. Gutter Cleaning Sees Problems Early

Few people pay attention to their gutters. Cleaning it twice a year lets you see problems before they become serious. You’ll notice mold, cracks, sagging and other issues early.

These problems lead to costly roofing and gutter repairs. By catching it early, you incur a cost for small repair, but save yourself the headache of a major repair.

Gutter cleaning professionals know what to look for and may catch problems you don’t see. Make gutter cleaning part of your spring cleaning chores.

Clean Now and Save Money Later

Don’t let clogged gutters cause major home improvements. A simple gutter cleaning can save you endless headaches.

Roof and gutter repair can cost thousands of dollars. You can have your gutters cleaned at a fraction of the cost.

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5 Ways Gutter Cleaning Can Save You Money on Roof and Gutter Repair