5 Tips To Give Your House A Much-Needed Spring Cleaning

House Cleaning Tips

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When your house is looking less than fabulous, any excuse will do to have a good clean-out and most of us take the opportunity to clean at the start of spring. But because there are a lot of jobs involved in getting the house as clean as it should be, so it can be hard to do them all at once. Thankfully, there are a few spring cleaning tips that you can do to get your house looking amazing, without spending hours slaving away.

1. Put Things Away

It seems like an obvious one when you are cleaning your house, but putting items back in their proper spots can really make a difference during a spring clean. When spring comes around and the weather starts to get warmer, you should start to put things away like your blankets, scarves, jackets and other objects that you won’t use in summer.

Not only will this stop your space from feeling cluttered and looking messy, but it will also make your space easier to clean because there will be less in your way. So if you want to make your home look clean without doing much, you should just try putting your things away first.

2. Get Rid of Dust

If you want to make your home as clean as it can be, you need to get rid of dust wherever you can. Not only does excessive dust make a place look untidy, but it can also make you sick if you are constantly breathing it in. It is especially important for people who have dust allergies to be conscious of areas that can get dusty because you can feel really unwell if you are breathing in a lot of dust.

You should dust along any shelves, bookcases and cabinets, but should also vacuum your carpets and floors, as dust can hide all over your home in many different places. If you are worried about dust hiding in your carpet, you should consider hiring professional carpet cleaners like Oracle Carpet Cleaners to help you.

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3. Throw Things Away

Spring is the perfect time to clean out your house and throw things away. We’re all guilty of letting junk and rubbish pile up in our houses, sometimes we just need a little push to throw things away. If you have things in your house that you don’t use, or you haven’t used for a long time, you should consider getting rid of them, because chances are that they probably won’t be used again.

If you have a few large household items like broken appliances, old furniture or other household rubbish that are difficult to dispose of, you might need to call some professionals to help you out. 1300 Rubbish as specialists at removing household rubbish and will help you to clean out your house when you want to get rid of some junk that you have lying around the house. So if you have a lot of rubbish sitting around your house that you no longer want or need, just get rid of it.

4. Clean up the Kitchen

One of the most used rooms in any home is the kitchen, so it important that you give it a good clean when you are spring cleaning your home. Most parts of your kitchen like your sink, counter-tops and stove will be cleaned fairly often already, but there are other areas that need cleaning too that you may not always focus on. The oven is something that gets used fairly regularly in most houses, but most people don’t clean their ovens very often because it can be difficult.

But if you want your kitchen to be as clean as possible, you need to clean the oven, so dedicate some time to doing this. Another thing that people often forget to clean regularly are their kitchen appliances. Things like the toaster, the microwave and the kettle all deserve a good clean every so often, so the kitchen spring clean is the perfect time to do so. Most appliances will come with care instructions so that you know how to clean and look after them, so if you have any reservations about cleaning your kitchen appliances you should always read the manual first.

5. Tidy up the Backyard

When most people think of spring cleaning, they often think about the inside of the house, but cleaning the outside of the house can be just as important. For example, you may want to clean out your gutters because springtime is often very rainy and you will need your gutters to collect the rain properly. You should also take this time to do things like mow the lawn, cut down your trees and put some things away so that your backyard will look as tidy as your house does.

There are many things that you can do to make your house look cleaner this spring, so roll up your sleeves and start cleaning. If you start cleaning at the start of spring, you’ll have the rest of the season to sit back and relax, so it is worth putting aside some time to spring clean your home as soon as possible.