7 Custom Home Builds You’ll Want to Have for Yourself

Custom Home Builds

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You finally have the opportunity to get your own home. Wonderful!

Not long now, and you can leave behind the cramped rented space you’re living in, and you won’t have to put up with that awkward kitchen or deal with hideous bathroom décor.

You’ve been daydreaming for years of living in a place that suits your taste and lifestyle better. Finding a ready-made home that ticks all the boxes can be hard. Have you considered the amazing custom home builds that are available these days?

Imagine – you can use the versatility of wood-frame housing construction to build a made-to-measure home of your own!

There’s a wealth of great advice out there on how to design and build a home for yourself. Be sure to seek advice that applies to where you live.

Right now, we’re exploring a few options for your “good ideas book”. This is the essential project file for collecting anything that appeals to you as you start out on this exciting adventure.

We’ve done some scouting around and found seven custom builds to inspire you. First, a quick word about the conversion of measurements, then let’s get cracking and look at the possibilities!

Square Feet to Square Metres Conversion

There’s a handy conversion table here if you have a problem thinking in feet or vice versa. Simply put, you need to divide the square feet by 10.764 to get square meters. This will be particularly useful if you live in Australia.

The average home size in Australia these days is 189.8m², or 2042.9ft², including hallways and passages. This is second only to the USA, where the typical house measures 204.3m², or 2199.1ft².

The size of your home will depend on a lot of factors, including building regulations and your budget, but for now, let’s explore ideas in broad strokes.

Strikingly Modern

We chose this design to illustrate that even with a small footprint, spacious living can be achieved  The Boulevard (23101) home has three levels and its exterior has an attractive, contemporary appeal.

All the main bedrooms are on the upper floor, the main floor (ground level entrance) has an extensive living space, and the lower floor could easily be thought of as a separate unit, or as an extension of the living space on the main floor. Flexibility and family life are at the heart of this very interesting design.

Modern Simplicity

If you need something smaller and don’t need to factor in a family but would like something modular in case you change your mind later. The modular nature of the Naturals designs gives you comfort with a basic compact design that you can add to. Affordability and a natural look are key in this approach. The idea of simplicity carries through to the strong timber exterior. A wood finish gives a home an earthy, vibrant feel – and it’s environmentally friendly.


While some people like to make their mark on the landscape, others prefer a more traditional design. A traditional design appeals to most people that likely will be easier to sell. We picked out the Webster (2-3-739) because of its large living area, covered entry covered porch and balcony.

Exteriors and Interiors

The examples given so far focus on what your home could look like from the outside. But let’s face it, we live inside our homes most of the time, even if we do like the great outdoors. And floor plans are great to sketch and look at, but not everyone can visualize it in 3D.

We all love the clever, practical use of interior spaces. Oftentimes, we like the basic principle, but not the color, or would change important detail, such as the timber cladding.

The beauty of wood frame houses is that if you find a good supplier of architectural timber, it opens up a world of tasteful choice. And depending on the finish, you’ll never have to paint a room again!

Note that you can find exciting artistic ways to blend your external timber cladding with timber chosen for interior decoration. Timber adds texture and depth to great structure. And who doesn’t want beauty in their everyday life?

From Design to Walls and Windows

Design is not about being fancy. Design serves more than an aesthetic purpose. It has practical value too. You want to build something that makes your life easier.

If you’re more or a mechanic than a studious sort, say, it makes sense to allow for extra space in the garage for shelving and storage and a workbench. And good lighting, and loads of power points…

If your plot has a great view, you could decide on full-length windows in the living area or an upstairs bedroom suite. If you’re a keen gardener, you’ll want to think carefully about how your verandah, or porch, can be the starting point of your garden – and the perfect place to relax.

Design is an extension of who you are. With custom builds, you can add space and features to those parts of the house that you spend the most time in.

Custom Home Builds Don’t Always Mean You Do All The Work

When you have an image of what you want the interior of your home to look like, then it’s a good idea to find custom build plans that an architect can adapt for you.

There are many steps and stages in a custom home build, from planning permission al the way through to the installation of kitchen units. It pays to research who the most suitable professionals would be for your particular project, and to get them to do the work for you. It’s what they know best, after all!

Sustainable Design, Custom Built

Any would-be homeowner is looking to the future. Have a look at these amazing eco-friendly ideas that incorporate the latest trends in sustainable living and comply with strict eco-building standards.

Advances in technology mean that the days of unsightly solar heating units just don’t enter into the equation. Optimum use of household water and daylight are other areas to explore, as are ways to heat or cool your home, depending on the season.

Inspiration Is Motivation!

We hope these custom home builds have inspired you to get started for real on your project to make your dream home come to life. Check out our other home remodeling ideas on our website.