7 Ideas For Your Vintage Bedroom

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There is something inherently appealing in vintage style. Who knows, maybe the appeal lies in the warmth, coziness, or the laid-back attitude this style so strongly radiates. One thing’s for sure, vintage means timeless and investing in this style will save you from the designer perplexities in many years to come. But where to start? Well, bedroom plays rather well with the whole setup, so why not there? Here are some of the ideas that will make the task of bringing the sense of nostalgia and romantic into your bedroom much easier.

1. Paint the Walls in the Right Colors

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There is no more efficient or more affordable way to change the look of some room than by painting its walls, so consider this Vintage 101. This style is deeply rooted in neutral and pastel colors, so start your bedroom makeover by painting the walls in the sky blue, soothing beige, soft green, ethereal white, cool grey or any other soft color that belongs to these pallets.

2. Have a Large Curtain

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Curtains tend to be huge. If used well, they can be one of the major contributors to one room’s look and feel (second only to walls). Fortunately, vintage style makes much use of these beautiful pieces of fabric so don’t miss a chance to score few easy design points. Keep in mind, though – Not every massive curtain is vintage. In this case, you will need a delicate lace that will diffuse light across the entire bedroom.

3. Make a Headboard

Every vintage bed needs a headboard. If your bed doesn’t have one, you can make your own headboard without too much sweat. You can simply find some vintage wallpapers, make the headboard-shaped cutout, put it on the wall and the effect will be just the same. Or if you want to achieve more Caribbean look you can rob some old closet of its blind doors and remodel them to fit the headboard description.

4. Make a Wall Panel

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Another thing closely associated with vintage bedrooms are wall panels. Once again, these panels can be pulled off in a number of different ways. You can hang a piece of remodeled wood, you can use delicate wall stencils combined with vintage looking hooks for hanging jewelry, or you can go full-on cute and make the wall panel out of old suitcases.

5. Up the Cozy Factor

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We previously mentioned that vintage style radiates coziness. It’s because every vintage room is drowned in all sorts of different cushions, pillows, blankets, terries and rugs. Your bedroom should be no exception. As long as you are following the vintage visual guidelines, you can put there whatever you like and get away with it.

6. Take Care of The Furniture

Traditionally, vintage furniture is defined by curved edges and worn-out look. If you’re lacking in such furniture, you can either visit a flea market or get your hands dirty. However, you can find a lot of useful workwear at second hand stores or any other nearby place, and “vintaging” is nothing that can’t be accomplished with the good old sandpaper/paint combo, so you can easily resort to the latter option.

7. Devil in the Details

Details are the thing that helps one style come to life. Fortunately, vintage is a style that heavily resorts to details. So, if you truly want to nail this look, pack your bedroom with the things like tapestry, sewing dolls, hat stands, old photos surrounded by even older frames, old cameras, chandeliers, worn out suitcases or any other nostalgic thing that comes to your mind.

You see, it wasn’t that hard. The best thing about your new vintage bedroom is that you can take the basic ideas and the guidelines you used there, to vintage up the rest of your home too. Your romantic paradise is just a few steps away.