7 Plumbing Myths That You Should Know About

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Being a homeowner means that there are several things at your home that you need to monitor and maintain on a regular basis. One of these is home plumbing as it is concerned with proper functioning of drains, taps, toilets and faucets in your home. But this is one aspect that homeowners often tend to ignore and end up paying a lot on repairs and maintenance. Being aware and regular with plumbing maintenance is the key to keep everything up and running flawlessly. Here are some common plumbing myths that you should know about.

1. Hot Water Prevents Clogged Drains

If you think that flushing your kitchen pipes with hot water every day is enough to prevent clogging due to grease and leftovers, you are sadly mistaken. Grease acts as a magnet that binds food particles, lint and hair and ultimate causes serious blockage in the kitchen and bathroom drains. Regular inspection and periodic cleaning by a professional is best way to deal with clogged drains.        

2. A Leaky Faucet Is Not a Serious Concern

Another common plumbing myth is that you need not take a leaky faucet as a serious issue as it cannot do more harm than minor leakage of water. However, it can elevate your water bills to a significant extent if not resolved in time. Moreover, the leakage can ultimately harm the flooring and the walls of the surrounding area because of continuous exposure to moisture.

3. Flushable Wipes Are Actually Flushable

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Don’t believe the claim that the harmless-looking flushable wipes make because these are not actually flushable. If you continue flushing them down your toilet for a prolonged period, they will choke them one day and the entire plumbing system will come to a standstill. The reason is that, unlike toilet paper, these wipes are not made of bio-degradable material and overusing them can result in a major drainage clog issue.

4. Drain Cleaners Are Safe to Use

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Homeowners tend to look for shortcuts when it comes to common plumbing challenges such as clogged drains. Liquid drain cleaners are the most popular method used for this purpose but they do not do much good to your home drains. As they are acidic in nature, these cleaners may corrugate the drains over a period of time and even damage them beyond repair. The better option is to use a manual technique such as a plunger or get professional plumbers to clean and unclog the drains.

5. A Rumbling Sound Means That Your Water Heater Will Explode

A rumbling sound from your water heater is not always a bad omen. This belief is associated with the myth that a water heater may explode soon if it emanates rumbling or gurgling sounds. But this is not a truth because the heater may actually go out of order or even experience premature failure, but the chances of bursting are minimal. Such sounds are attributed to sediment buildup within the heater tank over a period of time. When steam bubbles rise through the sediment, they produce a weird sound.

6. You Can Handle Most Plumbing Jobs Yourself

Another plumbing myth that needs to be debunked is that most of the jobs can be handled by the homeowners themselves without requiring expert help. Unclogging a toilet or fixing a leaking faucet are easier said than done and definitely require expertise. Plumbing systems are far more complex than you may think. The best approach is to engage a professional service such as Zurn Plumbing to handle the job. Not only do they have experienced plumbers to address the most serious concerns, but also the right equipment and techniques to complete the tasks fast and effectively.

7. All Plumbers Are the Same

If you think that all professional plumbers are the same and nothing much distinguishes one from the others, you have your facts wrong. The significance of choosing a reliable and seasoned provider cannot be overemphasized. The professionals with the right skills and experience can resolve your problems more effectively and with less effort. Moreover, they can come up with the simplest and most cost-effective solutions, ensuring that you save your money as well as have the issue resolved for good.

Now that the common plumbing myths have been debunked, you can get smarter with home plumbing solutions. With this information, you can actually handle big and small plumbing issues in a better manner. A smart homeowner is the one who gets an expert to handle the problem rather than doing things wrong and making the problem worse and spending more in the end.