8 Design Tricks to Make A Small Bedroom Better

make a small bedroom better

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Remember design enthusiasts, less is more.

If you’re like us, you’ve probably been head-to-head with a small bedroom before. Whether it was in your stupid college dorm or your first apartment, it can be an issue. Not only are they difficult to move around in and make the most used of, but they are also hard to design. Do you have a small bedroom that you’re worried about? Well, fret not. We know how annoying it can be and that’s why we’re bringing you some tricks. Read on to find out what those little tweaks are that can turn your tiny space into the room of your dreams!

1. Light Is the Way to Go

Microblend Interior Paint and Primer - Light Gray/Calla Lilly, Satin Sheen, Sample, Microblend Neutrals Family

Let’s start off with paint. Since this is probably the first aspect you’ll want to change in your room, its perfect for the first trick. Light colors are the best way to make a small bedroom better. You see, painting your walls with lighter shades will reflect light itself, thus making your room look a bit spacious. It will automatically feel wide and roomier. The opposite phenomenon works in the case of darker colors. The light will be absorbed instead, thus creating a smaller effect. Overall, try avoiding darker colors if spaciousness is what you’re going for.

2. Bold Ceiling

We have another paint trick up our sleeves. You’re probably confused by the title of it. This is a very human-eye-tricking technique. What you’re basically doing is tricking the viewer to look upward. It gives them the illusion of a higher and wider ceiling. How? Well, by using paint to create bold and bright designs on the upper wall. If you’re looking to use this technique, opt for darker and bolder colors to make whatever design you have in mind. For example, a painted dark night sky with twinkling stars is a great way to make a bold ceiling.

3. Use Furniture Wisely

South Shore Avilla Queen Storage Bed with Baskets, Winter Oak and Rattan

It’s obvious of a fact to say that the less furniture you use in the bedroom, the bigger it will seem. However, using space-saving furniture can do a better job. There are a lot of unique furniture designs available nowadays. These are made especially for the intention of saving space. For instance, you could purchase some folding tables and chairs. You could also purchase a bed that has storage built beneath to avoid closet space.

4. Transparency Is Key

EMMA + OLIVER Transparent Fluid Style Stacking Side Chair

Transparent furniture is not only uber stylish but may help you in your trickery. If you’ve never considered buying it before, just try it! Instead of using a plain old wooden table, try a transparent one. Although it takes about the same amount of space, it won’t seem like it. Lucite chairs are great to combine with such tables. After this, you’ll have a stylish desk combo and a visually bigger room!

5. Mirror, Mirror

Americanflat Over the Door Mirror - Full Length Hanging Door Mirror for Bedroom, Bathroom, Dorm and More, Black

Sure, we all need that one stylish full-length mirror for an OOTD selfie and to check ourselves out. However, if you’re living in a small bedroom, two or three more wouldn’t hurt. Having hang mirrors are one of the best ways you can trick people into thinking the room is bigger than it is. Go over the different options of mirrors and go crazy.

6. Sconces Way

EUL Mid-Century Modern Wall Sconce Golden Globe Glass Wall Light for Bedroom Bathroom Set of 2

We are aware how tough is it to fit a table lamp in a small bedroom. So why not replace it altogether? Well, you can do this by installing sconces on either side or both sides of your bed. Remember they should be slightly above the bed on the wall. You can also purchase some adjustable ones for reading preferences.

7. Clear the Way

Honey-Can-Do Rolling Storage Cart and Organizer with 12 Plastic Drawers

Clutter is the main culprit when it comes to a room looking cramped. The goal is to find the perfect medium between a totally disastrous room and an empty one. So, do some organizing. Take out some random things that are just lying about your room. By discarding things that are a waste of space, you’re doing your small room a favor.

8. Less Is More

Guys, we know how amazing it is to have your own room. Teens who receive their own room for the first time are known to go ham with decorating. However, if you’re stuck with a room that’s on the tinier side, we don’t recommend it. Stick to the phrase, “Less is more”. It will help your room look bigger, brighter and better.

Small Bedroom Design Tips