9 Beautiful Exterior Siding Ideas and Options for Your Home

Exterior Siding Ideas

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When designing, remodeling, or renovating your home, your end goal is the same – you want to make your humble abode look presentable.

You want to be house-proud. You want your house to make an impression on others. You want to feel a sense of pride when you look at your house.

You want to be considerate toward the exterior siding. This can make your house look more beautiful as well as increase its curb appeal if you ever decide to sell.

But what are the great exterior siding ideas?

We’ve prepared this guide to help you out.

Exterior Siding Ideas You Should Know

Before finding a great contractor to help you with the different types of exterior siding, you want to familiarize yourself with the siding choices.

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Here are the exterior siding ideas you should know:

1. Brick Siding

This is a traditional type of siding that you find in many suburbs across the globe.

While it may seem rustic and not always the most stylish, it does have a timeless look that is loved by suburban populations throughout the world.

Brick siding is also low-maintenance and durable and can come in a variety of color choices – if the natural red is not to your liking.

Purchasing bricks and installing them will be far pricier than other siding options, but it is well worth it for many homeowners.

Tando Stacked Stone Faux Stone Exterior Siding Panels 1/2 Square (Glacier Bay)

2. Engineered Wood

While this is not the exact wood you are looking for, it is the best alternative you will be able to find.

It is comprised of mostly wood along with additional material to give it a refined finished look.

You can find engineered wood in a plethora of textures as well as styles. It is a cheap option but is high-quality. It is more durable than fiber-cement and vinyl. It is fireproof, safe from insect damage, and is waterproof as well.

However, engineered wood cannot be repainted – so keep this in mind if you like your home to have regular makeovers.

3. Glass

Glass remains one of the most sophisticated options for house siding.

Glass can let in the natural light – saving the homeowner a lot in electricity bills. If installed meticulously, glass can block fierce sun rays while still allowing natural light.

Glass is an efficient type of siding as it keeps in the heat so that the household does not freeze during the winter. Similarly, during the winter, glass keeps the coolness of the air conditioner contained in the house.

It is a pricier option and requires continuous upkeep – particularly with regard to cleaning. It also does not allow for privacy so you’ll want to invest in many curtains.

4. Metal Siding

While you may not see many homes with metal siding, we estimate it will rise in popularity due to its durability.

Metal siding is weather-resistant (so it is a great option if you live in an area vulnerable to natural disasters), fire-resistant, and can withstand rot and damage from termites and other insects.

It reflects sunlight and can keep the house cool. Metal siding is on the pricier side, so you want to keep this in consideration before selecting it.

Malco TSCM Corrugated Metal Turbo Shear

5. Stone Siding

Stone siding is one of the most decorative and sophisticated types of exterior siding you will find.

It is as popular as brick siding but the greater advantage is that it can create a unique and decorative exterior.

Stone is an incredibly durable material. It is weather-resistant and can especially withstand heavy rain and other elements such as snow or hail. Stone siding lasts much longer than other types of siding and requires very little maintenance.

If you choose a natural stone such as granite, slate, or limestone you will find an attractive aesthetic. Stone can come in a variety of colors and textures giving you the freedom of creating an attractive home.

The cost of stone siding is considerably higher than the other options. If you choose this option you will need a very skilled contractor to install the stones. It is likely that you will have to spend over $100,000 if you opt for stone siding.

Tando Stacked Stone Faux Stone Exterior Siding Panels 1/2 Square (Lewiston Crest)

6. Stucco Siding

Stucco is a material made from a mixture of cement, sand, lime, water, and epoxy. This material is heavily used in traditional Spanish architecture.

On the West coast of the United States, you will find stucco siding in many pueblo-style homes.

It is a durable and low maintenance material. It is weather-resistant and rarely experiences chipping – so you will not have to repaint your house as often.

The material is also one of the cheapest available.

7. Vinyl Siding

This is a plastic material that replaced the once-popular aluminum siding. If you want a high-quality option but are on a budget, this is a great option.

Vinyl is a low-cost option and is durable. Vinyl can be found in a variety of colors and textures so you have greater freedom in choosing the aesthetic of your home.

It is easier to install and comes in a variety of thickness levels to suit your home’s needs. While the material is durable, it is not suitable for extreme weather conditions.

1 Gallon Vinyl Brite Restore and Protect Vinyl Siding

8. Wood Siding

If engineered wood doesn’t work for you, you may wish to opt for the real thing. It is durable and can be painted in a color of your choice.

The material is long-lasting and requires minimal maintenance every two to five years. The aesthetic is timeless and its popularity has not overtaken its novelty.

The costs can vary depending on the type of wood finish you want but it is usually affordable for most homeowners.

Tando Beach House Shake Faux Cedar Siding Panels 1/2 Square (Pacifica)

9. Aluminum Siding

If you have a coastal property, you may wish to choose aluminum siding for its resistance to rust.

This has been a popular option for American homeowners for several decades. It is an affordable option and requires very little maintenance.

It gives a classic aesthetic so you won’t have to compromise on style if you are on a budget.

Your Dream Home

Now that you know the best exterior siding ideas, you are ready to choose the right one for your dream home! Be sure to follow us for great content on furnishing and on designing your dream home!