9 TV Room Ideas for the Ultimate Entertainment Setup


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If you had to pick your favorite rooms in your house, the entertainment room will probably be at one of the top spots of your list.

The entertainment room goes by many different names such as the living room, TV room, and some even call it the sitting room.

No matter what you call it, the TV room is the place where you entertain your family and you socialize with guests.

Designing the TV room comes with its challenges. You have to design around big furniture pieces, such as the TV and the couch.

And with all of the hustle and bustle that comes with the TV room, you have to place more emphasis on functional design.

Here are 9 TV room ideas to create the ultimate entertainment hotspot.

TV Room Ideas

No matter what shape or size of the TV room you have, this is one of the most important rooms in the house. Here are some ideas to tips to ensure your living room is functional and is designed well.

1. Take Advantage of Corners

Since your TV room emphasizes functional design, every space counts. And every living room has an awkward corner. But it’s essential you take advantage of your corners so they catch the eye.

For a functional purpose, place a chair or loveseat neat to a corner and place an end table at the corner so a guest can sit and place a drink or plate of food on the table.

If you don’t want your TV room to look crowded, place a piece of art on the wall so you’re still being smart about your corner.

2. Comfort Is of Utmost Important

One of the most overlooked aspects of TV room design is comfort. While everyone’s focus is on the TV, they need somewhere to lounge.

The first place to start is simple—the couch. Popular couch options for the TV room include sectional couches and recliners so your guests can prop up their feet.

The couch should be firm for support but soft enough to cuddle up and take a nap (or have guests crash on the couch).

Comfort isn’t only restricted to sitting and lying down on the sofa. Textures and fabrics make any room look more comfortable and relaxing. Add soft rugs, thick curtains and plenty of pillows to emphasize comfort.

3. Go All Out with Color

The TV room is meant to look casual and relaxed. If you stick to neutral colors or one color scheme, your TV room ends up looking prim and proper. Instead, go all out with color and get creative.

Bright colors make the TV room vibrant, fun, and separates the room from the rest of your house. This aspect is especially important if you have kids.

4. Lighting Is Essential

Lighting is powerful enough to create specific moods. And many moods exist in the TV room.

You can have a party over to watch the big game or you can cuddle up with your S.O on the couch and watch a movie. That’s why you should focus on diverse lighting.

Bright lights cause happier moods and inspire creativity and enhanced concentration.

That’s why your lights should be bright and the shades should be open when guests are over. Dim rooms cause you to feel drowsy, which is ideal for relaxing nights.

5. When to Use Minimalism

As mentioned previously, neutral colors and color schemes make a fun living room look drab. Minimalism fits in perfectly with the neutral, not-so-flashy look.

But this doesn’t mean you can’t make use of minimalism in your living room.

If you decide on a minimalist living room, focus on comfort. Solid-colored but fluffy couches are still inviting. Make the minimalist TV room utilize all aspects of the home, including a fireplace and something fun playing on the TV.

6. Cabinets Enhance Organization

If you’re the type that hates clutter, you’ll love this cabinet hack.

It’s easy for guests to create a mess in the TV room. Remote controls and game controllers can get scattered everywhere. You may misplace a book or your family can leave used cups and plates on the tables.

Even if your family and guests don’t clean up after themselves, you can easily gather the mess and place it in your cabinets.

7. Modern Entertainment

No matter how long you plan the design of your TV room, if you use old entertainment devices, your TV room will look outdated.

Start with your TV. A flatscreen, smart, and 4k TV will make your living room look polished and modern. If you love gaming, make sure you have the latest gaming consoles. Other technology, including freeview box or Alexa, promotes a functional living space.

8. Show Your Love of Film and Music

If you want to display your love of entertainment, such as film and music, the TV room is the perfect place to do this.

Set up posters of your favorite movies and show off your impressive film collection. If you’re a music buff, display your turntable with all of your vinyl. Find other entertainment memorabilia, such as pillows and books.

When guests are over, always play a film or put some music on to make your TV room fun and inviting.

9. Your TV Display Is Important

It’s not only important to have the right TV, but you should display it a specific way.

The right entertainment system can make your living room look more polished and organized. If you have a huge DVD and VHS collection, don’t display your collection around the TV so your TV design isn’t cluttered.

A modern TV design trend is knowing how to mount your TV to the wall. A TV wall mount makes your TV look bigger and better focuses your attention on the TV.

Are You Done Revamping Your TV Room?

Did you use these TV room ideas and are done redesigning your living room?

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