5 Softest Bedding Options That Will Make You Sleep Like a Baby

5 Softest Bedding Options That Will Make You Sleep Like a Baby

What kinds of fabrics make the most comfortable bedding sheets ever? Sleep is vital for everybody’s health, but some factors could prevent you from getting good quality sleep. It can be the weather, your genetic predisposition, or even the kind of bedding that you have. Fortunately, you have full control for the latter. Plus, you can choose from various types of beddings available today.

Navy bedding from beddable

Navy bedding from beddable

1. Cotton

Cotton sheets are best during the summer.

Cotton sheets are best during the summer.

Cotton is a popular fabric that can bring comfort to your bed. Fresh, clean 100% cotton sheets are soft, hypoallergenic, and gentle to the touch, making them ideal for individuals with sensitive skin and those with allergies.

Cotton is also affordable, long-lasting, and easier to clean than most bedding fabrics. If you want good quality, cotton bedding with a thread count of between 200 and 800 is ideal. The higher the thread count, the softer the sheets. Various brands offer beddings in this range. If you want just the right firmness for your sheets, you should note that all the sets from Beddable are 400 thread count.

If you want a luxurious variant, you can opt for Egyptian cotton. A characteristic that makes it unique is not its country of origin but its fiber length. Egyptian cotton is thinner, longer, and more durable. The benefit of thinner fibers is that manufacturers can gather them to create bouncier fabric per square inch, making it softer to the touch, lighter, stronger, and more absorbent.

2. Silk

If you have a preference—and the budget—for extremely smooth beddings, silk is for you. Silk is renowned for being soft and slippery, so much so that it’s considered a treat for your skin. Originally from China, it’s still viewed as the epitome of luxury.

Silk material has health benefits as well. It’s similar to cotton because it’s made from natural fibers. It has a characteristic three-dimensional crimp that acts like micro springs. This is why the fabric has a natural bouncy feel that encourages sleep.

If you’re looking for luxury bedding, you should invest in a good silk duvet. Compared to comforters, duvets have covers, and you can change them to match the entire bed. A good silk duvet has a 600 to 800 thread count that will hug your body as you sleep.

Silk beddings also prevent the body from overheating. If you do sweat, silk material wicks moisture even faster than cotton does and lowers humidity by as much as half. It’s hypoallergenic that helps ease allergies, and is much gentler on the joints as it conforms to your body and is lightweight.

3. Bamboo

At first, the idea of bamboo sheets may seem unlikely. The bamboo tree is known to be tall, upright, and, most of all—tough. On the contrary, bamboo sheets are just some of the softest beddings you will ever sleep in if you get the chance to own them. They have emerged as better alternatives to linen and cotton. They also have specific benefits to users as well.

Processed bamboo fibers are ultra-soft, and they also wick moisture. They are also organic because they grow so fast that growers don’t need to use pesticides. It’s also just as sustainable without needing too much water or irrigation. Bamboo absorbs carbon emissions as well, making them an eco-friendly choice for your household.

Bamboo beddings tend to have lower thread counts, but they are ideal for children with sensitive skin. They are hypoallergenic, and you won’t have to worry about dust mites, germs, fungi, and mold. Bamboo sheets also tend to last longer because they don’t stain easily and are easier to maintain because they are not prone to discoloration.

4. Linen

Linen sheets are popular fabrics since the 17th century.

Linen sheets are popular fabrics since the 17th century.

Linen bedding is another popular choice in both homes and hotels for being both aesthetically pleasing and practical. Linen has been used in homes for centuries as napkins, table cloths, and clothing.

Its fibers are a derivative of the flax plant. They are ideal for hot climates because they are breathable and cool to the skin. They make a good investment because high-quality linen is very durable that it can last for decades.

Perfect linen beddings are soft and comfortable, and you can get the softest ones with a higher thread count. The fibers have microscopic breaks that give a subtle massaging effect on your skin. They also have a unique feature that can keep you warm during the cold season and keep your skin cool during the hot weather that contributes to better sleep. Even when you sweat, linen has absorbent properties and the ability to absorb as much as 20% of its weight.

Good news for those who have allergies because linen is bacteria-resistant, which makes them suitable for users with sensitive skin, and use in the nursery and children’s bedrooms. It can aid in the maintenance of the skin’s natural pH balance. It also has durability twice that of cotton fibers.

5. Flannel

Discovered by 17th-century European farmers, flannel also makes great bed sheets because of its softness. A plant derivative, it’s also a mix of cotton and wool, and because they are artificial that they are created to last long.

Flannel is one of the best sheets your skin will feel. Its fibers are either processed loosely or brushed on both sides to appear fuzzy, which traps air and makes them ideal for staying warm. Just like linen, it’s still breathable and won’t make you wake up drenched in sweat. Beddings made of flannel are weighted and tend to retain warmth since they are made for the winter and cold nights.

The maintenance of flannel beddings is simple. Sheets and pillowcases only need regular washing in warm or cold water. Drying also only requires a warm temperature setting. You can help minimize pilling by adding a half cup of vinegar to the first wash and hanging them outside on a clothes liner to dry. Avoid using fabric softener on flannel because it causes stiffness on the fabric.

In Conclusion 

These types of beddings are just some examples that you can choose for your bedroom. Their viability will still depend on various factors, such as location, weather, and affordability. Nonetheless, owning multiple sets of different beddings can ensure that you’re comfortable all year round.

The Perfect Bedding for Your Bed: What You Need to Know

The Perfect Bedding for Your Bed: What You Need to Know

Very few people understand the impact bedding contributes to the quality of sleep they get. Most often, the blame or concentration goes to the bed leaving out the beddings.

Top interior decorators often spend more time and money choosing a bed and beddings. Sleeping on a not-so-good bed or beddings is like wearing scratchy or worn-out clothing for 8 hours. No doubt, you will not be comfortable and will not be in top shape.

If you are confused about the best types of materials to choose for your beddings, then read on.

Picking the Right Duvet and Pillows

Frankly, a bed is not complete without a cloud-like duvet (i.e fluffy cotton wool type of duvet) and perfectly suited pillows. Before you buy a duvet, make sure it’s suitable for your bedroom. Have you thought about how warm you would be in bed wrapped in the duvet?

To choose the perfect duvet, check out the tog rating. Wondering what a tog rating is? It means the measurement of warmth you will receive using the duvet. Below is the best duvet tog rating for each season:

  • Summer – 2.5 to 4.5 tog
  • Spring and Autumn – 9 to 10 tog
  • Winter – 12 to 13.5

However, instead of buying separate duvets for each season, you can get a medium and light duvet and use both together during the winter.

For pillows, make sure they are soft enough to be comfortable and hard enough to provide the needed support to our heads. The best way to know if your pillow is due for change is to raise it over your arm. If the pillow drops then you need a new one.

Selecting the Best Bed Linen

Although the linen is second on this list, it ought to be the first. As important as linen is, it always seems like an afterthought for most people for their bedding.

To get the best linen you need to consider the thread count. The thread count is the measurement of the fineness of the fabric. To get the thread count, the number of threads per square inch is counted. So get the best linen, make sure the thread count is high. Also, the fineness of the yarn and weaving should be considered too.

Choosing the Best Materials for Bed Sheets

The most popular bed linen materials are cotton, silk, or linen. However, what matters here is that these materials are natural fibers that are breathable. Therefore, the choices are often made on personal preferences.

For a glossy bed sheet opt for silk materials. The strands of the silk material naturally keep moisture close to the skin. You can also opt for linen if you are not a fan of glossy and hairy bed sheets.

The Last Take

Whatever, your choice of beddings for your bed is, the price would also determine whether you will get it or not. Not to worry, you can a bohemian bedroom style.

How to Choose the Right Throw Pillows for Your New Bedding

How to Choose the Right Throw Pillows for Your New Bedding

We all enjoy being able to go to sleep in a comfortable bed after a long and exhausting day. So, it only stands to reason that no expense should be spared in terms of luxury and opulence. This is why the addition of a handful of throw pillows can make all of the difference in the world. Not only are these accessories quite stylish, but they can also be excellent for those who might require an extra level of lumbar support due to back or neck problems. The only issue is that there are literally hundreds of styles and designs to choose from. How can you make the right decision? Let us take a look at some useful suggestions as well as a handful of tips if you are looking to provide your bed with a bit of extra personality.

The Types of Throw Pillows to Select

Dimensions are obviously important, as you never want the pillows in question to dominate the entire bed. This is why you should first take a look at how much space you can afford to spare. The size of the pillows can then be more accurately determined. In terms of shapes, you have a kaleidoscope of variants. Here are some common shapes to consider:

  • Standard square throw pillows.
  • Lumbar pillows (longer rectangles).
  • Long, cylindrical pillows known as bolster pillows.
  • Round pillows.

It is normally a good idea to base the intended shape on the existing surroundings. For example, beds equipped with an angular frame will work best with square pillows. Round and cylindrical designs can be used to accentuate a visually soft environment.

What About the Material?

Throw pillows are made from numerous different types of materials. This is important for two reasons. First, the textiles used can affect the price. Secondly, some substances offer more hypoallergenic solutions than others (ideal for those who might have respiratory issues). While polyester is arguably the most common fabric on the market today, keep in mind that you have a handful of other options such as cotton and burlap. However, what if you instead wish to add a sense of luxury to your bed? In this case, the website Home Decor Bliss recommends materials such as velvet, silk, chenille, and even buckwheat. Leather, suede, and even faux fur are additional choices, so it is now clear that you should always try to use your imagination.

Customized Options

There can be times when more generic pillows simply will not suffice. In this case, it is better to opt for custom throw pillows. The major advantage here is that you will be able to choose specific features such as colors, designs, patterns, and sizes. This can also be an excellent gift for someone who has recently bought a new bed or moved into a different home. Custom throw pillows can be purchased online and you will normally be able to select specific parameters during the design process. So, you can be sure that you have made the right choice.

Darker or Lighter Tones?

This next question is slightly subjective, as it tends to be based on personal tastes. However, the majority of industry experts recommend using lighter tones if you happen to be dealing with a smaller bed. These will provide the unique illusion of space. They can also be used to reflect nearby light. Another useful tip is to choose a specific tone that already exists elsewhere (such as on nearby curtains or a floor rug). This will help to balance the overall visual environment; a very common trick utilized by interior design specialists. While there is nothing wrong with mixing and matching, be sure that the tones themselves complement one another in order to avoid feelings of becoming overwhelmed.

Hard or Soft Pillows?

This is also a rather flexible question but it still deserves a closer look. One of the advantages of harder stuffing is that it will inevitably provide you with additional support. This might be a wise choice if you happen to lay in bed while watching television or accessing the Internet. Softer varieties are perhaps more suited for those who regularly toss and turn during the overnight hours, as they will not have to readjust the pillows as often.

A Quick Look at Memory Foam

A growing number of consumers are opting for pillows equipped with a material known as memory foam. As the term likely suggests, the main benefit here is that the throw pillow will contour itself around a specific shape (such as the outline of your neck). It is believed that this is an excellent way to relieve feelings of pressure and to avoid muscular stiffness during the overnight hours. While memory foam pillows are slightly more expensive when compared to their traditional counterparts, they could still be a wise investment.

Throw Pillows: How Many are Too Many?

We mentioned earlier that purchasing too many throw pillows will cause your new bedding to feel cluttered and uncomfortable. So, are there any guidelines to keep in mind? This will primarily revolve around the surface area of the bed itself. As a general rule of thumb, throw pillows should not occupy any more than one-third of the entire available space. The good news is that there is still nothing wrong with buying an excessive number of pillows, as they can be rotated on a regular basis in order to provide your bed with a new look.

Throw pillows are some of the best ways to provide your new bedding with an entirely unique appeal. Of course, the levels of comfort that you can expect to enjoy should never be denied. It’s also amazing as to how they can also affect your skin. Cheaper materials having been commonly agreed to aggravate any conditions you may have. Please feel free to refer back to the suggestions mentioned above in order to encounter the configuration that best suits your requirements. In terms of laying back in the lap of luxury, there is no doubt that throw pillows play a critical role.

Surprising Ways Your Bed And Bedding Can Affect Your Sleep

Surprising Ways Your Bed And Bedding Can Affect Your Sleep

A good night’s sleep can make all the difference to your day, and experts recommend that we all aim for seven to eight hours of peaceful sleep each night in order to lead happy and healthy lives, free of mental stresses and physical fatigue that can result from an imbalanced sleeping schedule.

Unfortunately, a lot of people struggle with sleep disorders like insomnia, while many others simply find it difficult to manage their time effectively and get enough rest each night. This might be due to too much stress in their daily lives or some kind of physical condition. There have even been cases where people develop sleep disorders after motorcycle accidents.

Well, if you want to improve your sleep quality, there are various ways to do so. You can start off by setting a strict bedtime for yourself and trying to stick to it, as well as cutting out screens and devices before bed in order to calm yourself down and prepare your body and mind for the rest ahead.

Another good way to build up your chances of a good night’s sleep is to take a closer look at your bed, as the mattress, sheets, and pillows could all be having quite a big influence on how easy or hard you find it to drift off each evening. Here are some interesting ways your bed might be affecting your sleep quality.

Overheating Sheets

Some people find themselves waking up time and time again each night, feeling hot and sticky, and struggling to cool down. If you find yourself in a similar situation, it might be because the sheets on your mattress are of poor quality or haven’t been designed with breathable, cooling materials.

If you live in a hot area or simply tend to overheat in the night, it’s vital to switch to some breathable sheets that offer efficient temperature wicking, effectively allowing them to soak up heat from your body to help you stay cool and fresh, all through the night.

You might also opt for a mattress that has a layer of cooling gel built into its design. This can have a huge impact on your sleep quality, reducing the risk of you waking up covered in sweat in the early hours of a summer morning.

Overly Soft Pillows

When choosing pillows, many people look for the softest option possible, enjoying the thought of their head and neck sinking down into that soft, fluffy material, and it’s certainly true that soft pillows can be oh so comfortable in certain situations.

However, it is possible for pillows to be too soft, and when this happens, they might be putting your body at risk and affecting your quality of sleep in the process. Just as a mattress needs to be sufficiently firm to support your spine, a pillow should also be sufficiently firm to support your head and neck.

If the pillow is too soft, you can sink too far into it, leading to excess pressure building up around the neck and back of the head, depending on how you sleep. This might lead to you waking up with an aching neck, unsure of what caused it.

The Wrong Firmness Level 

Mattresses can come in a wide range of firmness levels, from soft and plushy memory foam mattresses that seem to shape to your body like clouds, right up to extra firm, orthopedic mattresses that aim to offer maximum pressure relief along the spine and other key areas.

It’s absolutely essential to choose the right firmness level to meet your needs, but a lot of people end up making the wrong choice. This is why it’s worth testing out a few different firmness levels and seeing which one feels best for your body.

Often, those with back or neck pain should opt for a firmer mattress, while those who enjoy a soft, foamy feel will prefer a softer one. Your usual sleeping position can also have a huge impact on what level of firmness you choose. Side sleepers may prefer a softer mattress they can really sink into for proper hip support, while front or back sleepers might need something a little firmer.


It’s clear to see that, as well as outside factors like stress and fatigue, physical factors like the pillows, sheets, and mattress you use each night can have a major impact on your sleeping standards. So if you find yourself waking up again and again or struggling with insomnia, the solution could be as simple as making a few little changes to your bedding.

Surprising Ways Your Bed And Bedding Can Affect Your Sleep

Gift Ideas for Bedding Sets for Couples

Gift Ideas for Bedding Sets for Couples

It is quite exciting to buy gifts for the people you love the most, but sometimes you run out of ideas. Especially when it’s the holidays, and you know your friends and family must be flooded with gifts—finding that unique gift is indeed a task. It takes a little outside the box, thinking to find the perfect gift.

One of the most amazing products, also known as the most potential gift of the year, is the bed sheet. You might be feeling a bit odd, it seems a little weird at first, but it would be loved and adored by your friends and family.

The idea of bed sheets as a gift does not occur to everyone, but why not give something that can be enjoyed regularly? A bed sheet is indeed a thoughtful gift, and not everyone thinks of it as a gift, which makes your offering unique.

Whether you are thinking about a newlywed gift or a couple who moved into a new place, bedding is a perfect gift for couples as stated by Hutch.pk – online bedding stores; it gives a fresh start and a refreshing look to a room. A study proves that a clean and fresh environment increases the love between the couple.

Bed Sheet Sets for a Couple Who Recently Moved to Their New Home

Suppose you know a couple who recently moved into a place and are worried about the house-warming present. The couple must have everything, but they need something to refresh their bedroom. Give them a bed sheet!

Besides, if you think about how a bed sheet will look ordinary, let us clear how you can make it extraordinary!

How Can You Make the Bed Sheet Set Look Extraordinary?

We are not suggesting you present a simple bed sheet with limited pillow covers. You can make your gift astounding by just adding fancy touches. Whether you know or you do not know the bed size, you can still make a fantastic set.

However, a little knowledge about the taste of the opposite party is appreciated. If you know about the color of the room, it will help you in making the right choice. The majority of people love to have a hotel kind of environment in their room, but it takes a lot of effort and planning.

You can style the bed sheet set like the one you get in hotels. All you need to do is decide on two standard size bed sheets. Moreover, keeping the taste of the other person in mind, you can choose the colors and the print. Once you are done with it, you need to pair the bed sheets with the pillows.

Now, in hotels, you get multiple pillows! You can either get just the pillow covers—or you can get the fillings as well. Besides, you need to get four standard size pillows and 4 square pillows.

Once you are all good with the fabric and the print—time for some fancies, you can add either frill pattern on the bed sheet, or you can get some designing on the edges. This will give a new look to your gift. You can get the same design done on the pillow as well.

Now comes the most exciting part! The duvet cover—this will make your gift exceptional, and the receiver might not expect this coming. Pair your bed sheet and the pillow cover with a matching or contrasting duvet cover.

By following the above steps, you can create a perfect gift for couples. This will also add an emotional touch, and the couple will always remember you. Also, this gift is convenient. Now everyone buys new bed sheets while moving; your gift will give them a fresher feeling about their place.

Reasons Why Bedding Makes a Great Gift for Couples:

1. Comfort Gift

Bedding is one of the most comforting gifts in the world. Nothing can be more comforting than a bed sheet set. You can give a complete wedding-bedding to your new-wedded friend. Your gift will help them in achieving a hotel type experience every time they go to bed.

2. A Gift That Can Be Cherished for a Long Time

You got it right! The bed sheet is a gift that can be cherished for a long time. The couple must be living together, but they have recently married. They need to throw the old, ratty duvet covers and bed sheets. You can help them in revamping and recreating a new look in their room.

3. Peaceful Gift

You can pair the bed sheet with other relaxing gifts as well. You can also pair two bed sheets with one duvet cover. Moreover, you also add a touch of aromatherapy products such as a candle, room-freshener, or soothing lotion. Indeed a perfect combination gift for a newlywed.

4. Quality-Sleep

Newlywed couples are exhausted after their wedding. Attending the events and dinners can be extremely tiresome. They might not think that a good, clean, and fresh set of sheets and bedding can help them with peaceful sleep. You can help them in starting their journey on the right foot, a quality-sleep!

5. Customization

It is not necessary that you just buy a bed sheet and pair it with pillow covers and give it to the couple. The bed sheet is a customizable product. You can easily customize it and add a personal touch to it. Moreover, it is quite easy to get a bed sheet customized. All you need to do is think about new ideas. You can get a personalized bed sheet with name initials or funny quotes or something. Or, you can also get the pillow covers customized.

So yeah, now you know what you are going to give to your loved ones. It is not about the perfect gift; it is the thought that matters the most. Couples usually look forward to their wedding gifts. The newlywed couples have almost everything, as they shop for their new lift. But, a thoughtful gift can make their new journey more memorable. Next time, if you are worried about a unique gift—simply go for a bedding set.