A Guide to Buying a New Garage Door


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We don’t often think of what it takes to buy garage doors. Once you have one, it tends to last a long time.

But you do need to buy one a few times during your life. With prices up to $3,000, it’s a decision that you need to get right.

There are a few things you can do to make the process easier. This post will show you what to do.

Follow the steps below to purchase your new garage door.

1. Determine Your Budget

There are a lot of garage doors out there for different budgets. Before you start looking, figure out how much you want to pay.

The difference in prices that you’ll see is because of the door materials and functions. Single tilt-up models can cost as low as $500, while custom wood models can cost up to $3,000.

Learn about the benefits of each of these so you can figure out which one is right for you.

2. Consider Insulation

If your garage door is attached to your home, insulation is a serious concern.

Most garage doors aren’t heated. This means that they will be more exposed to the elements outside. While your garage is separate from the rest of your house, it can still impact the environment inside.

An insulated garage door can help control the temperature inside. It will help with your energy bills during cold winters.

3. Consider Safety

If you live in an area that experiences bad weather frequently, this will be a concern for you.

Because of their size, garage doors are more prone to experience wind damage. You will need to find a door that can sustain high winds if this is a concern for you.

Extra bracing, heavier gauge tracking, and other hardware can help harden your garage door to protect it.

Obrien Garage Doors can help you determine what kind of safety measures you need to take.

4. Style

Once you figure out the features you need for your garage door, it’s time to figure out how you want it to look.

After all, you don’t want something that doesn’t match your house.

There are many options out there that will help your door stand out. Make sure to research them all and find one that fits with your budget.

5. Find a Company to Install Your Door

Now that you’ve figured out what kind of door you want, it’s time to find someone to do the work.

When finding a garage door company, look for reviews online for the businesses in the area. You can narrow down your search to the companies with good reviews.

Once you find a set of possible services, contact them to set up a time to talk. Use this time to figure out which company will work best for your needs.

Don’t Choose the Wrong New Garage Door

Picking a new garage door isn’t something you do every day. When the time comes, make sure you do your research so you can find a good new garage door.

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