6 Bedroom Trends Now And Beyond

Bedroom Trends

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Your bedroom is one of the most important parts of a house. It’s your sanctuary, and your own little private space in your home. After a long hard day out, this is your retreat for some peace, quiet, and relaxation. For these reasons, it’s very important to put much thought and effort into designing your bedroom. It’s not something that you should only do so in a rush.

For the year 2021 and moving forward, there’ll be a perfect balance of the classic crisp white linen, good lighting, practical storage, more space, and relaxing colors in the bedroom. Adding up to this also is your personal sense of style. After all, this is your space, so your preference must go hand-in-hand with the latest style and trends.

If you want to design a bedroom that’s stylish yet comfortable, then these tips will surely help you:

1. Hang Matching Wall Lights

Lighting is one of the top considerations when designing your bedroom. For 2021, matching wall and hanging lights would be nice. These can be in place of side table and floor lamps. You can place them anywhere from your headboard to the entryway of your bedroom and even in your reading nook, if you have one.

Good lighting helps in making you feel relaxed and comfortable inside your room. It can create a cozy and romantic atmosphere in the bedroom. The key is for you to set up the correct lighting, style, and color.

2. Sage Green Beddings

If you’re used to plain whites, grays, or browns for your beddings, here’s another color for you to try: sage green.

It may not be a neutral color, but it’s subdued enough to make it calm. It’s not a distractive pop of color that might only destroy the relaxed feel you’re trying to create in your room.

Sage green is elegant, soft, and sophisticated. You can also elevate the relaxation factor by investing in bamboo linen, other than cotton.

To help you kickstart your shopping process, you can read more to give you insights on the different mattresses and beddings you can try.

3. Adapt A Boho Chic Palette

As going to resorts is still far from reality, you can create that boho chic vibe instead right at the comforts of home. Turn your room into your very own boutique hotel retreat by adapting a boho chic palette.

This begins with repainting your walls bright, airy colors or neutral ones. If you’re a bit on the adventurous side, you may even have a tropical mural as your accent wall.

Then, think natural wood and rattan surfaces for your furniture! To balance out the colors, keep the sheets plain, and finish it all off with plants.

Bedroom Trends

4. Play With Texture

Texture on texture is a very effective way to bring life to your bedroom. Don’t just stick to one texture and print. Play with texture, and you’ll immediately see your room transform back to life.

Think of plush fabrics like linen, jacquard, and even the classic smooth velvet. It’s all about adding and laying these textures to warm up the room.

5. Keep Decorations To A Minimum

Imagine that feeling you have when you first walk into a resort or hotel room. There’s immediately that sense of relaxation. It’s like the bed just pulls you over to relax.

It’s more than just the beddings that are giving you that inviting feeling. It’s because the entire room is very minimal with decorations.

If there are wall hangings that no longer have any relevance in your life or space, take those off. This will make the room appear much larger and airy. Also, this will make the room appear less cluttered.

Don’t overcrowd the room with decorations. Use only one focal point, such as a painting or a rack of pictures. Make sure that everything is balanced.

6. Bring The Outside In

Bringing the outside in means adding elements of nature inside your room. The key to do this is to have wide windows that you can easily open during the day. That way, natural light and air can breeze right in.

Apart from changing your windows or opening up walls to create windows, have indoor plants! Even if you think you’re not the best plant mom there is, the good thing with indoor plants is that they require very minimal care.

Adding greenery in your room can make it feel cozier. As a plus, these plants can also act as a natural air purifier.


These are just few of the tips when designing your bedroom this year. After spending almost the entire year at home, perhaps you’ve seen certain areas in your home that are in dire need of change. You can start with your bedroom. Whether this is a project you plan on completing yourself or with the help of experts, it’s going to be worth the expense and effort. Never skimp on that one room where you rest and relax.