How To Choose The Best Interior Door Options for Your Home

Best Interior Door

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Interior doors are an essential part of any home, even properties that are open plan need doors for bedrooms and bathrooms. However, once you start looking at internal doors you will realize that there is a huge selection available. The possibilities are virtually endless. This can make it hard to know which internal door to choose.

Fortunately, you can talk to the specialists at Parkwood doors and, combined with the following tips, you will have no problem choosing the best interior door for your home.

Know Your Types

Although there are many different styles and looks of interior doors, all of them will fall under one of nine interior door categories.

Standard doors that open as you would expect include panel doors, French doors, glass doors, and even flush doors. Pocket doors can also be considered in this category.

Alongside this, there are double doors, much like the entrance to a saloon, and doors that fold in half, (bi-fold), and even accordion doors that fold into themselves several times over.

Knowing the different types will help you narrow down the ones you like and the ones that you think will suit your home.

The Role Of The Door

The next step is to consider what the door is doing. All doors are separating spaces. But, a bathroom door and a bedroom door need to offer privacy. In contrast, a living room or dining room door may be to help create the right ambiance but additional light, through the use of a glass door, can be appreciated.

Once you know what role the door is supposed to be fulfilling you will find it easier to narrow your search down further.

Personal Touch

You are now ready to think about the style of the inside of your home and what makes it personal. If you are replacing the interior doors you have the opportunity to fit any doors you like. That means it is time to think about your personal style and choose doors that go with it, and your home.

The Swing

It is important to consider the space the door is fitting into. Very small doorways may necessitate specific doors, such as bi-folds. Equally, you need to consider which way the door will open, this can make a big difference to the room and to the practicality of using the door. Knowing which way it needs to open will help you to choose the right one.


Most people think of wood when they consider interior doors. But, there are other options available. You should take your time considering the different possibilities in order to ensure you have the perfect door for your home Don’t forget that most wooden doors can be painted to transform them into your desired entranceway.

But, if you are planning on painting your new doors you should ask yourself if it is better to paint your existing ones. In most cases, it isn’t, but it is worth thinking about.