How to Choose the Right Throw Pillows for Your New Bedding

How to Choose the Right Throw Pillows

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We all enjoy being able to go to sleep in a comfortable bed after a long and exhausting day. So, it only stands to reason that no expense should be spared in terms of luxury and opulence. This is why the addition of a handful of throw pillows can make all of the difference in the world. Not only are these accessories quite stylish, but they can also be excellent for those who might require an extra level of lumbar support due to back or neck problems. The only issue is that there are literally hundreds of styles and designs to choose from. How can you make the right decision? Let us take a look at some useful suggestions as well as a handful of tips if you are looking to provide your bed with a bit of extra personality.

The Types of Throw Pillows to Select

Dimensions are obviously important, as you never want the pillows in question to dominate the entire bed. This is why you should first take a look at how much space you can afford to spare. The size of the pillows can then be more accurately determined. In terms of shapes, you have a kaleidoscope of variants. Here are some common shapes to consider:

  • Standard square throw pillows.
  • Lumbar pillows (longer rectangles).
  • Long, cylindrical pillows known as bolster pillows.
  • Round pillows.

It is normally a good idea to base the intended shape on the existing surroundings. For example, beds equipped with an angular frame will work best with square pillows. Round and cylindrical designs can be used to accentuate a visually soft environment.

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What About the Material?

Throw pillows are made from numerous different types of materials. This is important for two reasons. First, the textiles used can affect the price. Secondly, some substances offer more hypoallergenic solutions than others (ideal for those who might have respiratory issues). While polyester is arguably the most common fabric on the market today, keep in mind that you have a handful of other options such as cotton and burlap. However, what if you instead wish to add a sense of luxury to your bed? In this case, the website Home Decor Bliss recommends materials such as velvet, silk, chenille, and even buckwheat. Leather, suede, and even faux fur are additional choices, so it is now clear that you should always try to use your imagination.

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Customized Options

There can be times when more generic pillows simply will not suffice. In this case, it is better to opt for custom throw pillows. The major advantage here is that you will be able to choose specific features such as colors, designs, patterns, and sizes. This can also be an excellent gift for someone who has recently bought a new bed or moved into a different home. Custom throw pillows can be purchased online and you will normally be able to select specific parameters during the design process. So, you can be sure that you have made the right choice.

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Darker or Lighter Tones?

This next question is slightly subjective, as it tends to be based on personal tastes. However, the majority of industry experts recommend using lighter tones if you happen to be dealing with a smaller bed. These will provide the unique illusion of space. They can also be used to reflect nearby light. Another useful tip is to choose a specific tone that already exists elsewhere (such as on nearby curtains or a floor rug). This will help to balance the overall visual environment; a very common trick utilized by interior design specialists. While there is nothing wrong with mixing and matching, be sure that the tones themselves complement one another in order to avoid feelings of becoming overwhelmed.

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Hard or Soft Pillows?

This is also a rather flexible question but it still deserves a closer look. One of the advantages of harder stuffing is that it will inevitably provide you with additional support. This might be a wise choice if you happen to lay in bed while watching television or accessing the Internet. Softer varieties are perhaps more suited for those who regularly toss and turn during the overnight hours, as they will not have to readjust the pillows as often.

A Quick Look at Memory Foam

A growing number of consumers are opting for pillows equipped with a material known as memory foam. As the term likely suggests, the main benefit here is that the throw pillow will contour itself around a specific shape (such as the outline of your neck). It is believed that this is an excellent way to relieve feelings of pressure and to avoid muscular stiffness during the overnight hours. While memory foam pillows are slightly more expensive when compared to their traditional counterparts, they could still be a wise investment.

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Throw Pillows: How Many are Too Many?

We mentioned earlier that purchasing too many throw pillows will cause your new bedding to feel cluttered and uncomfortable. So, are there any guidelines to keep in mind? This will primarily revolve around the surface area of the bed itself. As a general rule of thumb, throw pillows should not occupy any more than one-third of the entire available space. The good news is that there is still nothing wrong with buying an excessive number of pillows, as they can be rotated on a regular basis in order to provide your bed with a new look.

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Throw pillows are some of the best ways to provide your new bedding with an entirely unique appeal. Of course, the levels of comfort that you can expect to enjoy should never be denied. It’s also amazing as to how they can also affect your skin. Cheaper materials having been commonly agreed to aggravate any conditions you may have. Please feel free to refer back to the suggestions mentioned above in order to encounter the configuration that best suits your requirements. In terms of laying back in the lap of luxury, there is no doubt that throw pillows play a critical role.