How To Restore & Clean Parquet Flooring

How To Restore & Clean Parquet Flooring

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Despite the arrival of multiple different modern flooring materials, hardwood floors and parquet flooring remain popular. There is a good reason for this. Wooden floors are durable, look fantastic, and surprisingly easy to look after.

If you have or have just come across, a parquet flooring then you need to know how to restore and clean it. The same is true if you’re considering purchasing this type of flooring from a reputable specialist in parquet flooring Sydney.

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If your parquet flooring is showing its age, has been scuffed and scratched, or simply looks tired, then it’s time to restore it.

The first thing you’ll need to do is clear the room and rent a room sander. This is the faster and most efficient way as you’ll get a uniform finish.

Slowly and carefully sand the room. You’ll want to sand deep enough to remove all scratches. Take your time doing this as you want a uniform finish, that means keeping the sander moving and going over the floor several times.

Once you’ve done that you’ll be able to sweep the floor, preferably with a microfiber cloth as this attracts the dust. You need to make sure all the sanding dust is gone.

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You can now purchase a floor polish and sealant specifically designed for parquet flooring. Following the instructions simply seal the entire floor. This prevents spills from getting into the wood causing stains and other damage.

You can then add the polish, carefully applying it to the top of the parquet flooring. This gives an extra layer of protection and the shine that your floor should have.

Step back and admire your work!

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Of course, restoring is only part of the deal. You want to keep that shine and that means cleaning the floor regularly.

Despite being sealed, parquet and hardwood floors do not like getting wet. Water can cause stains on the floor which are difficult to remove.

At least once a week run your microfiber brush across the floor to attract all the dust and debris that collects. You can also vacuum but you must ensure the vacuum head is designed for parquet flooring.

Once you’ve vacuumed and swept you can mop.

Again, you’ll need a specialist cleaning product, designed for parquet floors. Add a little of this to some hot water and then put your mop in the water. Squeeze the mop out until it is nearly dry, you don’t want to wet mop the floor!

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Then slowly mop the floor, removing the rest of the debris and dust. You’ll find that floor regains the shine. If it doesn’t then you’ll need to consider sanding and resealing.

If your floor is sealed properly it will last for years with a weekly sweep and mop.

It’s worth noting that badly damaged pieces of parquet flooring can be removed using a drill and a chisel. The gap can then be filled with a new piece that will be the same color as the rest of the floor after you’ve resealed it.