Colorblocking In The Bedroom

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The designer Yves Saint Laurent (more notably known as just YSL) started the colorblocking trend back in 1965 when they the debuted their “Mondarian” day dress. Yves Saint Laurent was inspired by contemporary artists by taking a simple white sack dress and adding brightly colored blocks of blue, red and yellow that were separated with black lines. That dress is now an iconic masterpiece.

Thanks in part to modern day designers and fads that come and go, colorblocking is making another appearance this decade. If you are unfamiliar with the colorblocking term, it is a design process that involves combining 2 or more different solid colors together. Using 3 colors is usually the ideal mixture. The goal is to create a bold palette by mixing up those colors. True colorblocking involves no patterns or prints, only solid colors.

Colorblocking clothing and shoes have been hitting the lookbooks and runways for years, but just within the last few years, colorblocking is also hitting the home front. Tommy Hilfiger has been way ahead of the colorblocking game though as their patriotic items are not only perfect for Independence Day coming up next month, but their signature red, white and blue sold colors fit the colorblocking scheme as well!