Dazzling on a Dime: How to Decorate a Bathroom on a Budget to Make it Look Expensive

how to decorate a bathroom

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Are you planning to capture the atmosphere, comfort, and experience of a fancy bathroom in the comfort of your own home?

It’s possible but the bathroom is one of the most expensive rooms to renovate. Expenses in remodeling a bathroom come in at an average of $6,500.

Fortunately, there are ways you can enhance your bathroom that is friendly to your budget. Don’t know where to start? Don’t fret, we’ve got your back.

Below are some methods to show you how to decorate a bathroom and make it look high-class:

1. Contain and Sort

As a starting point, consider setting everything in place. In this case, start with having a spot where you can set aside your toiletries. Combine the value of aesthetics and organization, allowing you to have more space in your bathroom.

For instance, place your soap on a dish or have your toothbrush in a tumbler. Having them stashed and organized can help you clear up and provide you with a neat space.

2. Set Everything in Place

Aside from sorting your toiletries and other necessities, you can take this up a notch by having a place to hang for your towels and bathrobes. This way, you can also lessen the clutter in the bathroom.

You can try a tasteful placement of a hand-towel ring by the sink for your hand-towels. Or, you can take this up a notch if you feel like having your bathroom mirror hung on a wall. A rod where you can place your bath towels or a hook for the bathrobe would also be a good addition.

3. Spice up the Walls

Keep in mind the walls of the bathroom can be a major contributor to providing your bathroom a fancier and expensive appearance. Re-painting is one inexpensive solution or you can opt for wallpaper instead.

You can also consider using wall panels for this. For example, try out the VoxWall shower panels in case the shower area needs a more stylized effect.

4. How to Decorate a Bathroom with Basic Lighting

When on a tight budget, consider the lighting and how it affects the overall look and feel of the bathroom. Sometimes, all it takes is a new lighting fixture that can add a new look to your bathroom.

The good news about this is that you can find a selection of these out there. This makes it easier to work with than expected. From Victorian to something more contemporary, there are dozens of lighting choices in the market.

5. Spice up Your Bathmats

A bathmat holds an integral part of the bathroom in both function and appearance. One way you can enhance the overall appearance of your bathroom is to also use a stylish bathmat.

There are fancy bathrooms that would go with Turkish or Persian rugs for use as bathmats. This could be an idea you could try out.

Whichever idea you put together for your bathroom, aim to have something both fancy and relaxing. After all, it could help in creating a relaxing home atmosphere.

Learn More Decoration Tips Today!

With these tips, learning how to decorate a bathroom won’t be too daunting, even when you’re on a budget.

Aim for a bathroom that you feel comfortable and proud of when it comes to its style and appearance. This could please both you and your guests, adding to the overall atmosphere of your home.

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