Ways of Dealing with Storm Damage to Your Roof

Storm Damage to Your Roof

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Storms can be unpredictable, and so storms can badly damage your roof. For homeowners, it is difficult to recognize what kind of damage you encounter following an extreme storm. It does not matter the type of storm; all storms can cause damaged roofs and missing shingles.

The best thing you can do is to determine the steps in taking action following a severe storm. Doing the correct steps will make insurance claims and repairs fast. It can mean you get your house back to a secure and safe condition as quickly as possible.

Be sure to follow the steps when it comes to storm damage to your roof.

1. Estimate the Roof Damage – Do It Only When the Coast Becomes Clear

Hold the urge to check your roof until the storm has passed and the sky is clear. Icy or wet debris or spots on the roof can cause injuries, slip, or fall. Of course, you must also think about the more dangerous problems such as downed electricity lines and unstable roof surfaces.

Once you assure that the area is safe, go and assess the storm damage to your roof as best as you can. Scan everything thoroughly. It will help you talk about your needs with your roofing contractor and insurance agent immediately. Moreover, do the roof assessment during the daytime since it is difficult to assess what has happened without proper lighting. Then:

  • Use binoculars to see clearly without needing to climb on top of the roof.
  • Assess the size of the area and gather precise details about the damage.
  • Take note of the exposed parts of the roof, especially looking for plywood, tarpaper, or ends of missing shingles.
  • Identify any missing shingles and the seriousness of the damaged areas.

2. Start With Temporary Repairs to Minimize the Damage to Your Property

If your roof has experienced severe damage directly above your living space, you will have to take immediate actions to deter property damage from leaking water or falling debris.

  • Put garbage bins or buckets under the leaks.
  • Remove any valuable or treasured items away from the leaks.
  • Place trash bags or plastic over furniture, rugs, and other stuff that may be under the leaks.

3. Contact Your Roofing Company or Insurance Company

You may be able to recognize for yourself if the storm damage to your roof is extreme enough to need a call to your insurance company. In most cases, it makes more sense to call your roofing contractor for repair. If the storm damage to your roof was widespread, it is an excellent idea to reach your insurance agent first. You may find that the roofing experts are busy managing emergencies.

Nevertheless, if you contact a roofing contractor, keep in mind that you may find traveling roofing teams. These roofing teams come around storm-damaged areas to get some clients. The problem with this is, when a homeowner is in a desperate situation, they take advantage of the frightened homeowners who need assistance right away.

A better idea is to pick a local, certified, qualified, and equipped roofing company that proves many experiences repairing roofs in your community. While they may have a lot of repairs in the face of extensive storm damage, a trusted and reputable roofing contractor will call you as soon as possible. They will let you know what help they can give and the necessary actions needed to do or at least refer to another reputable roofing company.

Pro Tip: Never Put off or Neglect Roof Damage

Even if you find ways to patch things up, especially the damage to your roof, it is significant to hire an expert roofing assessment and repair right away. While you may prevent a noticeable leak, there is no telling what kind of other damages could be occurring behind the scenes. The last thing you want is hidden leaks to create problems, like mold or structural damage in your home. It follows all the time after roof storm damage that does not get the proper professional repair.

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