6 Bedroom Trends In 2021 And Beyond

6 Bedroom Trends In 2021 And Beyond

Your bedroom is one of the most important parts of a house. It’s your sanctuary, and your own little private space in your home. After a long hard day out, this is your retreat for some peace, quiet, and relaxation. For these reasons, it’s very important to put much thought and effort into designing your bedroom. It’s not something that you should only do so in a rush.

For the year 2021 and moving forward, there’ll be a perfect balance of the classic crisp white linen, good lighting, practical storage, more space, and relaxing colors in the bedroom. Adding up to this also is your personal sense of style. After all, this is your space, so your preference must go hand-in-hand with the latest style and trends.

If you want to design a bedroom that’s stylish yet comfortable, then these tips will surely help you:

1. Hang Matching Wall Lights

Lighting is one of the top considerations when designing your bedroom. For 2021, matching wall and hanging lights would be nice. These can be in place of side table and floor lamps. You can place them anywhere from your headboard to the entryway of your bedroom and even in your reading nook, if you have one.

Good lighting helps in making you feel relaxed and comfortable inside your room. It can create a cozy and romantic atmosphere in the bedroom. The key is for you to set up the correct lighting, style, and color.

2. Sage Green Beddings

If you’re used to plain whites, grays, or browns for your beddings, here’s another color for you to try: sage green.

It may not be a neutral color, but it’s subdued enough to make it calm. It’s not a distractive pop of color that might only destroy the relaxed feel you’re trying to create in your room.

Sage green is elegant, soft, and sophisticated. You can also elevate the relaxation factor by investing in bamboo linen, other than cotton.

To help you kickstart your shopping process, you can read more to give you insights on the different mattresses and beddings you can try.

3. Adapt A Boho Chic Palette

As going to resorts is still far from reality, you can create that boho chic vibe instead right at the comforts of home. Turn your room into your very own boutique hotel retreat by adapting a boho chic palette.

This begins with repainting your walls bright, airy colors or neutral ones. If you’re a bit on the adventurous side, you may even have a tropical mural as your accent wall.

Then, think natural wood and rattan surfaces for your furniture! To balance out the colors, keep the sheets plain, and finish it all off with plants.

Bedroom Trends

4. Play With Texture

Texture on texture is a very effective way to bring life to your bedroom. Don’t just stick to one texture and print. Play with texture, and you’ll immediately see your room transform back to life.

Think of plush fabrics like linen, jacquard, and even the classic smooth velvet. It’s all about adding and laying these textures to warm up the room.

5. Keep Decorations To A Minimum

Imagine that feeling you have when you first walk into a resort or hotel room. There’s immediately that sense of relaxation. It’s like the bed just pulls you over to relax.

It’s more than just the beddings that are giving you that inviting feeling. It’s because the entire room is very minimal with decorations.

If there are wall hangings that no longer have any relevance in your life or space, take those off. This will make the room appear much larger and airy. Also, this will make the room appear less cluttered.

Don’t overcrowd the room with decorations. Use only one focal point, such as a painting or a rack of pictures. Make sure that everything is balanced.

6. Bring The Outside In

Bringing the outside in means adding elements of nature inside your room. The key to do this is to have wide windows that you can easily open during the day. That way, natural light and air can breeze right in.

Apart from changing your windows or opening up walls to create windows, have indoor plants! Even if you think you’re not the best plant mom there is, the good thing with indoor plants is that they require very minimal care.

Adding greenery in your room can make it feel cozier. As a plus, these plants can also act as a natural air purifier.


These are just few of the tips when designing your bedroom this year. After spending almost the entire year at home, perhaps you’ve seen certain areas in your home that are in dire need of change. You can start with your bedroom. Whether this is a project you plan on completing yourself or with the help of experts, it’s going to be worth the expense and effort. Never skimp on that one room where you rest and relax.

Simple Bedroom Decorating Ideas on a Budget

Simple Bedroom Decorating Ideas on a Budget

The bedroom should be a sanctuary for rest and relaxation, but for most people, it remains the most neglected room in the house. Are you ready to show your bedroom a little love?

These are simple, cheap and chic bedroom decorating ideas that will add style to your resting space.

Organize it

First, examine your room’s layout. By moving the furniture, you can give your room a new and fresh look. Most bedrooms have more than one wall that the bed can be placed against. You’ll find waking up to a new view quite rejuvenating.

Make It Pop with Color and Fabric

Painting is the quickest, easiest and most affordable bedroom decorating makeover technique. You can make it as a fun project by throwing a painting party for friends. Ply them with treats and play good music while you paint. Not only does this save money and time, but it also provides instant gratification and gives the space a whole new look. If painting isn’t for you, fabric just might do the trick. PVC pipe is a secret trick that can be found at your local hardware store and it is so inexpensive and comes in long lengths. Gather gorgeous store-bought panels on the PVC, and secure the piping to the wall with window treatment hardware made for wooden dowels. You’ll love the color and texture that have been added to a bedroom.

Clever Covers

Switching up bedding can be costly, but there are easy ways to give your bed a new look without paying for all new goods. If you have a colorful duvet cover, try folding it back to expose a solid blanket underneath. You can also break up the pattern by adding a neatly folded solid blanket at the foot of your bed. If you are in the market for a new duvet or coverlet, it is advisable to purchase a neutral tone; it will have greater longevity and work with a wider choice of accessories. When you’re accessorizing your bedding, consider using one long pillow for a cleaner look, instead of using many pillows. Find one that has a great pattern or a vibrant color so the pillow pops off the neutral background. Making the bed isn’t such a chore when there is only one accent pillow to place. Buy a few different pillow shams and give your room a mini-makeover once a month by switching them out.

A Head of the Rest

A headboard can give a bedroom a finished look and can be created for little or no money if you think outside the box. For this purpose, it is recommendable to apply intricately carved woods screens by simply removing the hinges with a screwdriver and mount the panels on the wall with picture frame wire. The triptych-style headboard allows the color of your wall to show through. Another super stylish option? Create a “headboard” with several picture frames. Grasp six to nine matted frames and fill them with your favorite wrapping paper or handmade paper. Then display the frames in a grid pattern above your bed. Instant focal point!

Eye on Accents

Once you’ve added color, refreshed your bedding and created a headboard for your bedroom, you’re ready to add defining details. You may give yourself a gift of fresh seasonal flowers once a week and place them in a large vase on top of tall dresser. Also, you can purchase some antique lamps and update them with a coat of spray paint and a new shade. Your chic bedroom won’t be complete without a sitting area. Create a fun moment in the corner of your room or near the closet with a clean-lined chair, a small table, and a cool lamp.

Getting the Master Bedroom You Deserve

Getting the Master Bedroom You Deserve

A new master bedroom is what most people ask for from renovation experts. Whether you’ve bought an older house with a small bedroom in an affluent neighborhood that needs to be redone, or you simply want to treat yourself, a master bedroom is an excellent choice. Marina at Evolve Real Estate and Property Management, told us that renovating the master bedroom is a safe bet because homes with beautiful master bedrooms seem to always sell well. She suggested that it seems to be related to the buyer adding extra value on the room they will sleep in every night. The questions is always, how do you go about renovating it? These seven ideas will surely spark your imagination.     


Maybe the most challenging part is deciding where to put a new bedroom. First, you want to see how your new slumber chamber will relate to the landscape. If you are lucky enough to have a new bedroom on the ground floor, nothing can complement it like an enchanting garden visible from inside. Another aspect you should consider is privacy, as no one wants a bedroom in a busy part of the house. If possible, the best location should be adjacent to the existing bedroom or bedrooms.

Garden access

When you have chosen the position for your bedroom, you need to figure out its access to the garden. While period architecture rarely included a direct access to the outdoors, contemporary architectural trends often come with solutions for ground level master bedrooms that have doors leading into a private part of the garden, often with a little patio.  

Natural light

It was proven that people sleep better in darker rooms. On the other hand, you are not always using your bedroom for sleeping, especially if it has a stunning view of the garden. The best way to achieve a dark, slumber-friendly ambience, but also take advantage of the view is to use rolling blinds. Choose the ones that remain hidden in their own alcove above the window frames when rolled up.

A Vista

Hopefully, you are one of the lucky few who managed to grab a property on a slope overlooking the patchwork of lush gardens, courtyards and swimming pools. You don’t need azure waters of a bay to enjoy a marvelous view. Often, a view of a charming neighborhood feels just as heartwarming.


An ultimate focal point of every room. Discuss with an architect what fireplace would work best for your master bedroom. If the rest of the room is heavy-set and traditional, a dominant stone fireplace would complement it perfectly. On the other hand, modern gas fireplaces come in all shapes and sizes, so you will easily find one to fit into your bedroom’s character.


In no room will you spend more time staring at the ceiling than in the bedroom. There are several ways to make this view more interesting. You can consult with new home builders about leaving the trusses exposed, so as to create a more rustic look. Or, if you have a flat ceiling, nicely finished planks could create the same warm, country cabin effect.  


The best way to approach artificial lighting solutions for bedrooms is to use the compound principle. It relies on using various light sources. For example, an eye-drawing chandelier can provide a display light, while subdued bedside lamps dispense intimate and personal illumination. The final touch can come in the shape of cove lighting at the cornice molding. It will deliver a romantic glow and accentuate the ceiling details. Recessed can lights and bedrooms just don’t relate well. Keep in mind, you will be staring at the ceiling often.

As one of the most popular extensions for people who are renovating, a new master bedroom will surely improve the quality of your life. It can combine traditional elements, like diversified lighting and a romantic fireplace, with modern design elements, like a direct access to a secluded patio or a garden.    

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Bedroom Design Trends To Look Out For In 2017

Bedroom Design Trends To Look Out For In 2017

Each year brings new trends, and it is time to start fresh with the New Year. Some of the 2016’s designs are out, while 2017 is bringing new fresh styles into bedroom design. Stay on track and redecorate a little bit, and your bedroom will be ready for the new year to start.

Fresh Flowers

Floral patterns are not trending that much anymore. Now, the actual fresh flowers are here to do the trick in any bedroom design. Never underestimate the power of plants, especially flowers and their refreshing colors. Even in small doses, colorful blooms can elevate the atmosphere of any bedroom so why not bring them inside. The nightstands are usually lonely and they need a little something to boost their looks, so place a simple vase where you can keep your favorite flowers. In lightly colored bedrooms, pink fuchsia can provide the necessary contrast and give the sweet smell to your favorite place in the house.

Multipurpose Space

Usually, bedrooms are just for sleeping and resting. However, 2017 has a different opinion – bedrooms should have multiple purposes. Many designers advise to turn the bedroom into a hotel-suit-like retreat. Master bedrooms are more than just a place for sleep and the trends are leaning towards making the bedrooms a small home within the home. If it is big enough, decorate it in a way it resembles your entire home in one place. Provide space for completing daily tasks, equip it with a quality coffee maker, make space for a smaller office area and so on. This way, you can completely enjoy the perks of your bedroom and you can be productive in it.

Layers of Light

Bedrooms tend to be dark, because we need our sleep without any interruptions. However, during the day, it should be bright and cozy, and you can achieve that only through layers of light. First, you want to start with enabling as much natural light as possible to come inside. Opt for curtains and drapes that can easily be slid aside and provide a big enough window. Secondly, the bedroom will need the overhead ambient lighting fixture to keep it well-lit. Finally, you can add accent lighting fixtures to tie the look of the room together and provide depth and style. This can be done through stylish and modern LED downlights that can light up the dark areas of the room. Also, a few simple table lamps can do the same trick and they will provide a useful task or night light.

The Come-back of the Wallpaper

Wallpaper has been out for a while, but this year it is making a dramatic come-back. Every bedroom needs a little drama in it, but only through décor. In order to provide such dynamics you can contrast the calming colors of the furniture and bedding with some colored wallpaper. Better yet, you can create an accent wall behind the bed with patterned wallpaper in darker shades. However, remember that such contrast will only work if the colors of the headboard are neutral and the accessories are moderate.

Custom Headboards

Headboards can sometimes be tricky to pick. You have to combine them with your own preferences and match them with the style of the room. However, there is an easier solution to that – custom made headboards. As soon as you have a clear picture of how your bedroom should look like, try designing a unique headboard for your bed. To make it fit even more in the latest trends, you should upholster it in some darker shade for contrast. Additionally, you can design your own bedding and use the natural materials for the fabrics. This way, your bedroom will be personalized and you will be able to enjoy it much more.

The trends of 2017 are all about us and natural elements. That’s why you should invest your time and creativity in creating something unique for your bedroom, since the perks of nature in the form of flowers and light can add an organic touch. When you combine all this, you will create a relaxing place for you to rest and the soothing colors will only contribute more to the serenity.

Turn Your Bedroom Into A Happy Hideaway

Turn Your Bedroom Into A Happy Hideaway

The Tommy Hilfiger Vintage Plaid Comforter Set is available from Overstock.com.

While selecting your designer bedding linens, it’s important to consider the theme of your home. If your décor features an upscale theme, perhaps a comforter and sheet set by Michael Kors, Manor Hill, Nicole Miller or Aura Lifestyle will be the perfect fit. If you enjoy traditional accessories with a modern twist, Tommy Hilfiger bedding linens will adorn your bed with plenty of style. If you enjoy a variety of colors, fun prints and contemporary artwork in your linens, the Echo Home bedding collection will fit the bill. If casual is your intended theme, consider the Stone Cottage linens collection for traditional designs and quality workmanship — all of these are available at BeddingStyle.com.

Designer bedding linens aren’t just for adults, however, as children also enjoy a modern look with a fun attitude. If you have a youngster in your household, the Hiccups designer kids & teen bedding collection is a must. Adorable prints, fun colors and bright applique come together for the perfect combination that any child is sure to love. Speaking of fun, Izzy Surf bedding is sure to be a terrific addition for the ocean lover or for anyone who lives near the sea. If romance is your intended theme, many of the industry’s top designers have produced collections that are sure to please. The Tranquility collection by L’erba features creme linens highlighted with golden pillows and accents to create a beautiful scene in the presence of candlelight. If floral bedding is more your style, Laura Ashley is the designer for you. Collections including Emilie, Secret Garden and Victoria Inn are just a few of the highlights from this popular bedding designer.

When you shop for designer bedding linens, you will find that you can either purchase the entire collection of linens as a set or you can purchase items separately for a truly personalized look. Almost all bedding lines are available with coordinating pieces, but Manor Hill by Revman is a luxury bedding line specializing in the ‘Bed in a Bag’ option. With one purchase, you will get everything that you need to turn your basic bed into a classic and modern refuge. In addition to purchasing designer bedding linens, you may want to consider accessories that will help to make your sleeping experience even better. Among them, a comforter, featherbed, mattress pads and versatile duvets will help to add both comfort and functionality to your bedroom décor. A feather and down comforter will keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer, while a featherbed conforms to your body as you literally rest in a bed-sized pillow of feathers. A mattress pad works much the same as a featherbed, but uses a soft material that feels spongy to conform to your body as you sleep. Designer bedding is more than just a name. In fact, it’s a feeling that you get when you come home from a hard day at work and want to enjoy the kind of quality sleep that can only be found through the perfect combination of luxury linens and designer names that we have all come to know and love in the world of bedding.

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