Top Tips When Sanitizing and Disinfecting Your Business

Disinfecting Your Business

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It has always been important to keep your business clean and create a healthy environment for your staff. However, thanks to the global pandemic, business owners and staff are more aware of the need for cleanliness and will have strong opinions regarding how this is achieved.

One step that all employers need to take straight away is to ensure all staff has easy access to hand sanitizer. This is one of the best tools in the fight to stop the spread of disease.

Of course, that is only one step in the battle. You need to devise a plan to ensure your business is properly sanitized and disinfected. This keeps you and your staff safe. It will also help to ensure your business keeps operating.

Listen To Your Staff

Before you devise your sanitization plan speak to your staff. They are, in effect, the front-line workers and they will know the areas that present the biggest issues. The good news is that they will also be most likely to have solutions that can help you to protect them and the business.

All you have to do s give your staff the opportunity to voice their opinions and take them onboard as you devise a plan.

Cleaning Products

Cleaning products, specifically hand sanitizers and antibacterial sprays are effective at killing germs. Considering the COVID-19 virus sits on a surface and transfers to anyone who touches the surface, cleaning surfaces regularly and washing hands, or using sanitizer is the best way to prevent it from spreading.

These products need to be available to the cleaners and to the general staff, allowing them to feel in control of their own environment.

What To Clean

Every part of your business should be cleaned and disinfected before the staff start working again. This should also be done on a weekly or bi-weekly basis to ensure that the risk of transmission is low.

But, all communal surfaces need to be cleaned multiple times per day. The easiest way to do this is for the cleaners to wash surfaces down in the evening ready for the next day. During the day the staff will need to be responsible for wiping down surfaces with antibacterial wipes or soap and water.

Additional care will need to be adopted when your business is located in a high risk of transmission area. You will need to ensure the business is deep cleaned every day to minimize the spread of disease.

Resources Space

You will need more space than before to store the additional cleaning gear and supplies. This should be considered carefully, as should dedicating one person to maintaining supplies.

A key element of this is ensuring there are always enough gloves and masks for the cleaners to comfortably and safely do their jobs. You should also verify if any member of staff has special considerations that you should be aware of. This may affect your cleaning schedule.

Final Thoughts

Sanitizing and disinfecting your business means wiping all surfaces with antibacterial cleaners to kill the germs and reduce the spread. It is not difficult, you simply need to devise a plan to ensure the entire building is covered regularly.