3 Ways to Keep Your Kitchen Eco-Friendly

3 Ways to Keep Your Kitchen Eco-Friendly

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Are you trying to make your household more environmentally friendly? A kitchen is a great place to start, as it affords a wide range of opportunities to make easy changes. While you cook and prepare your food, you can also be helping to save the planet.

From food waste to appliances, you need to know the best ways to do it. Below, we discuss the must-know 3 ways to turn your kitchen eco-friendly.

1. Reduce Food Waste

Reducing food waste starts with successful meal planning. If you know what you need, you don’t let other items turn bad and waste away. This inevitably ends up going in the trash.

Food waste can also be kept to a minimum by storing it correctly. Use sealable containers to preserve goods. Make sure you are also refrigerating the correct items and leaving other items in the open air to increase longevity.

One way to get rid of all that food waste is to begin composting. In fact, you can use everything from eggshells to potato peel in your compost strategy, so not a scrap is unused. This compost can then be used as fertilizer and can help your garden grow, giving back to the earth.

Not everything can be composted. Use only organic waste and avoid meat and dairy products. Many towns and cities have drop-off sites where you can deliver your bags of waste so that they will be turned into something useful.

2. Check Your Appliances Are Eco-Friendly

Your appliances use up a lot of power, particularly if they are older models. Getting them serviced regularly can help with this, bringing down their energy consumption and even their energy rating.

You have two ways in which you can address the issue. The first is to change your models for more efficient ones. Many come with an energy rating that tells you how good they are at this.

The second is to get regular services on your appliances. Companies such as KJ Refrigeration can assist, making sure your white goods run at peak condition.

3. Use Natural Materials

As you start to replace items in your kitchen, opt for ones that are made for natural materials. Switch plastic knife handles and chopping boards for woods and stone. Bamboo is one great material that is slowly becoming a staple in the kitchen.

Everyone knows the dangers of single-use plastics, and cling wrap is one of the worst. It is designed to stick to things, and as it is not biodegradable if it finds its way from landfill to the ocean, can cause more problem than any other item. Believe it or not, aluminum foil is not much better for the environment either.

Try to switch to reusable beeswax wraps. They are made from environmentally friendly products and do just as good a job, if not better, than wrap and foil.

Start Immediately

The beauty of these eco-friendly tips is that you can start today. On your next shop, make some switches and as you replace items, think of what you are purchasing and how it will help the environment.

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