Why Are Flame Retardant Mattresses a Good Idea?

Why Are Flame Retardant Mattresses a Good Idea?

Top Reasons Why a Flame Retardant Mattress Should Be Part of Your Fire Safety Procedures

Home fires are commonly caused by electrical issues. The good news is that, in many cases, the fire can be avoided by undertaking annual electrical inspections which will identify any issues and give you the opportunity to fix them before they cause a problem.

But, if a fire does occur in your home you’ll be surprised by how quickly it can spread. That’s why you need to adopt as many safety measures as possible to protect your home against fires. Alongside the standard smoke alarms and fire shutters, you need to be looking at your soft furnishings and ensuring that you have a flame retardant mattress.

What Flame Retardant Means

Flame retardant products are designed to withstand exposure to flames. Of course, they won’t survive indefinitely but they also won’t burst instantly into flames. This can seem a little excessive as if you’re not aware of the fire by the time it reaches your bed, it’s probably too late to get out safely.

Bedroom Fires

But, that’s assuming, the fire starts in the electrics, possibly near the fuse box or the kitchen. However, the truth is that fires can just as easily start in the bedroom or living room. It only takes one lit cigarette to start a fire if the material it lands on is flammable. In the past, mattresses and couches were all made of flammable material.

In short, if you fell asleep and the lit cigarette hit the fabric the bed or couch would be up n flames in seconds, giving you no tie to escape. A fire retardant mattress will smolder, ideally, you’ll be alerted by the smell and be able to extinguish the issue before it becomes a proper fire.

The fire retardant mattress can save your life.

Chemical Risk

Of course, adding chemicals to anything creates concerns regarding what those chemicals can do to the human body. Research has shown that fire retardant chemicals can infiltrate the body and even accumulate in breast milk.

This leads to the question of whether they have negative effects on humans. Although research is ongoing the indications are that it can be detrimental to your health. The good news is that there are natural flame retardant mattresses that you can use. These are generally made of wool or another organic material that is known to be fire retardants. Choosing a mattress made from a natural substance means you’ll have an early warning system in times of fire without risking your health the rest of the time.

To ensure you’re getting the best value and health avoid mattresses that contain boric acid, antimony trioxide, PBDEs, or melamine. Some of these items are now banned but you still need to be aware of what they are.

Extra Protection

Don’t forget that the flame retardant mattress is only part of your protection from fires. A good smoke alarm, fire shutters, extinguisher, and a practiced escape plan will all help to ensure you and your loved ones escape safely, should the worse happen.

Why You Should Consider a Double-sided Mattress

Why You Should Consider a Double-sided Mattress

Long ago, most manufactured mattresses were double-sided, with both sides padded for comfortable sleep. It’s different today, as there aren’t many mattresses on the market you can flip over to sleep on the other side. Single-sided mattresses are certainly the more popular option now, but their double-sided counterparts are starting to make a comeback.

A double-sided mattress has an extended lifespan, letting you enjoy its comfort and support for longer. Plus, a two-sided mattress’s longevity makes for a better return on investment and makes it a more environmentally-friendly purchase.

Longer Lifespan

If you’re looking to sleep better for longer, consider getting a double-sided mattress for its extended lifespan and comfort. Naturally, the mattress will wear out slower because it has two useful opposite sides.

Every mattress will break down over time under the pressure of a sleeper’s body weight. That’s why, if you own an innerspring or another non-foam mattress, you may have noticed some permanent indentation in the section of your mattress where you sleep each night. Even foam mattresses deteriorate over time, eventually losing their ability to bounce back when pressure is removed.

If you notice your mattress sagging and don’t share a bed, you can rotate the mattress from end to end for a fresh start. But eventually, the new spot where you sleep will wear out as well.

However, if you have a double-sided model, you can get at least twice the life out of the mattress. When you’re lying on one side of a double-sided mattress, the unused side remains intact. You don’t have to replace the mattress because of any depressions on the used side—just flip it over and start lying on the fresh, flat side.

The two padded sides let you enjoy the comfort of your double-sided mattress for much longer. Flipping it allows the used side to self-correct and the padding to distribute evenly. When you eventually flip the mattress back over to the previously used side, you’ll still get excellent body support and consistent comfort for a great night’s sleep.

Better Return on Investment

Since a double-sided mattress has a longer lifespan than its one-sided alternative, it gives you a better return on investment. You’ll spend less by buying one mattress that lasts longer as opposed to having to replace your mattress once every eight to 10 years.

For example, a 12-inch thick, queen-sized, air foam flippable mattress from Nolah Mattress starts at around $1,600 and has two equally-comfortable sides. With each side designed to last well over 10 years, you can get decades of use out of a single purchase.

Furthermore, you have the option to choose a double-sided mattress with a different level of softness or firmness on each side. This means that should your sleep preferences or sleep position change, you won’t be stuck with the same surface style for the whole lifespan of the mattress.

Lower Impact on the Environment

What happens when you send a mattress to the landfill? Unfortunately, it can lead to soil and water pollution. The petroleum-based products and toxic chemicals used in many mattresses may contaminate the soil and water when thrown into a landfill, adversely affecting plants, animals, and people. Even when a mattress is properly prepared for disposal, throwing out a hefty mattress requires a lot of energy.

Disposing of a couple of mattresses throughout your life may not sound like a big deal. But when everyone does it, the numbers at up; research shows that roughly 20 million mattresses make it into landfills every year. Buying a double-sided mattress is a small but significant way that you can cut down on this waste.

Better Sleep and Better Value

Replacing an old mattress can be a hassle, but your body will tell you when it’s time for a replacement or upgrade. When that time comes, don’t settle for just any mattress—do your research to find a mattress that combines comfort, quality, and durability. When it comes to durability and the longevity of mattress options, you’ll likely find that a double-sided, flippable mattress is well worth the investment.

Choosing a Mattress: Top Mistakes to Avoid

Choosing a Mattress: Top Mistakes to Avoid

Are you searching for a brand new mattress? If so, then you should know the basics of how to choose a mattress. That includes what steps to take and which ones to skip. Avoiding some common mistakes can be the difference between getting a good night’s sleep or tossing and turning all night. 

Here’s some food for thought: People who get a good night’s sleep are catching Z’s one-third of their entire life. So it’s critical to avoid some big blunders, including these: 

Don’t Always Go With “More Is Better”

There’s no question that sometimes this old-school saying holds true. However, in other situations, you might not get the best deal. 


A higher price typically means factors like better materials, superior design, and good support. However, that’s not always the case when choosing a mattress. Make sure to consider other factors. For example, if most customers have given a particular mattress brand a thumbs-down, then it’s generally a red flag to shop around. Always consider other issues like value, comfort, and support. 


This is another area where more isn’t always better. Memory foam mattresses usually have two or three layers. The heaviest layer helps to maintain the mattress shape. Meanwhile, the top layer helps to boost comfort. 

Does this mean you should never consider a 3-layer memory foam mattress? No, but many experts recommend focusing on the quality of the top and bottom layer instead of assuming a 3-layer mattress means more comfort. If you’re getting top-notch quality, then a third layer isn’t really necessary in terms of how to choose a mattress.

Focus on Mattress Components 

This can include different components that can boost the overall comfort/support of the mattress. Some of the main items to consider include:


The mattress materials can vary greatly and include a wide range of options, including: 

  • Cotton
  • Foam
  • Polyester
  • Steel (coils)
  • Wool

Each material provides pros and cons, so you should certainly consider both. For example, cotton would be ideal for warm climates, while wool is better suited for cool climates. 


This is easily a key issue to take up besides just the price or comfort, for example. There are many design factors to weigh, including the number/type of coins, number of layers, and mattress material. Even factors like craftsmanship are related to the overall value you’re getting from a mattress.  


Does the number of coils matter? It’s related to mattress quality, but it shouldn’t be the main factor when weighing the quality of different mattresses. For example, a mattress’ durability is based on the coil’s form, thickness, and number, as well as the coil wires. In other words, coils are just one of several different factors.  

Not Considering Factors besides Brand/Price 

This certainly doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider such factors. If you prefer a certain mattress brand, then consider it in your search. If you’re on a shoestring budget or the sky’s the limit–then these are certainly issues to take up. 

However, never consider that you’re going to get a certain amount of luxury just based on a particular name brand or price point. It depends! Focus more on the best mattress for you instead of just considering high-end brands or high price tags. 

In fact, some industry experts have pointed out certain mattress brands with higher price tags also have some of the highest rates of customer dissatisfaction. Making this mistake certainly won’t help you sleep well at night.

Not Considering Your Sleeping Style 

Everyone has a unique sleeping style. It starts with basics like whether you sleep on your back, side, or stomach. However, that’s just the beginning, so you should consider other issues as well. 

Make sure to know your sleeping style. This can help the salesperson to pick the right mattress for your needs. In fact, there are likely several multiple items that can suit your sleep type, so you can narrow down your choice. 

Go with Unique, Not Ordinary 

You should definitely inform the salesperson about your particular sleeping style in order to get the best results. Don’t go with an “ordinary mattress” even it’s a trending top model. 

Not Testing before Buying 

This is somewhat related to your sleep style, although it takes it to the next level. There’s no way to be 100% sure you’ll sleep like a bug in a rug unless you actually take the mattress for a spin.

Since we spend about one-third of our lives sleeping (minus sleep deprivation), it’s important to take the time to test out a mattress model before buying it. This can help verify whether or not the mattress seems right on paper AND under your body.  The problem is like many other things, there’s no “one size fits all” solution. Even if a mattress is an Amazon bestseller, there’s still a chance it might not be right for you. 

Not Considering Price AND Value

These are both important yet complex issues that include the following issues:


This will be a lot tougher when buying from online retailers. They tend to have sales now and then, which can reduce the need to bargain. However, in some situations a company might claim a sale price can only be claimed during certain times of the year. You could try to claim the price anytime if there’s no fine print about when the sale price is offered. 


If you can find a great mattress for a low price, then, by all means, consider shelling out some hard-earned dough. That said, watch out for rock-bottom mattress prices. This could be the result of rock-bottom quality that could affect how to choose a mattress. 


In case you are browsing for a new mattress, make sure you know what to look for in terms of comfort, support, and price. Learning how to choose a mattress is about more than looking for a certain brand or lowest price.

What To Know When Looking For A Thin Mattress

What To Know When Looking For A Thin Mattress

When you think of mattresses, a thin mattress hardly comes to your mind. You have always imagined mattress to be a thick one, multi-layered heaven on the bed. But there are good quality thin mattresses which do help in getting quality sleep. Although, there is a limited choice when it comes to thin mattresses. The thin mattress has its own comfort and health benefits, like body support, pain relief to name a few. Less sink in the thin mattress helps in keeping your spine aligned.  It is good for stomach and back sleepers. It is easier to move around thin mattresses. They are much cheaper than luxurious mattresses and have their own benefits. 

There are various types of thin mattresses, some are thinner than others, and some are made of different fabric.

Check out this guide from SleepStandards.com to find more about the best thin mattresses available on the market.

Some of the tips to know when you are looking to buy a thin mattress include;

  1. Comfort

You should check that the mattress is able to provide the comfort that you are looking for a good quality sleep. You should check for the firmness of material and focus on the number of pressure points that the mattress can help you with. If the thin mattress has adequate firmness for you to have a comfortable sleep, you may not need a thick mattress after all. It should provide good support to your spine to keep it aligned. Your bed should be able to give your body good support when you are asleep, it shouldn’t matter whether it is an adult sleeping on it or a child. Although, if you are of heavy body structure, you may not find comfort in a thin mattress.

  1. Design

A thin mattress is ideal for a sleek and minimal look if you have bunk beds, or low-build frames, or lightweight loft beds in your bedroom. A thin mattress also looks appealing to the eyes if you have a small bedroom. It should be of the design that conserves space in your bedroom so that you can set interior decors of your bedroom that are in line with Scandinavian interior design.

  1. Material

You should look for the type of material that a thin mattress is made of.  You should buy a thin mattress that is made of good foam types like bio-foam, or memory foam, etc.

  1. Durability

You should look for the quality of material that the thin mattress is made of. Thin mattresses can be as durable as thick ones, it is the durability that counts and not the thickness of your mattress. Quality of the material used in the mattress you are planning to buy should be a good one, not a poor imitation.

  1. Breathability

You should check for breathability. In hot humid weather, a thin mattress should provide respite to your body. Your mattress should provide better ventilation and allow greater airflow so that your body stays cool while you are asleep. 

  1. Best Fit 

You should check if you have a lightweight loft bed or low-profile bed frames at home. If yes, then you should buy a thin mattress, they are best suited for this kind of bed structure. But, ensure the mattress size fits your bed structure. To compare mattresses, check this mattress comparison tool.

  1. Thickness

You should check for the thickness of the mattress. It should follow the industry standard of being thick between 5-9 inches to be deemed as a thin mattress.

  1. Portability

You should check for the weight of the thin mattress. It should not be heavy that will make moving it around a difficult and cumbersome task.  You should be able to move it around effortlessly and it should be possible to fold it that makes moving it to another place easier.

  1. Cover

You should check for the cover of a thin mattress.  It should be able to keep the dust mites away. A mattress with a good cover is going to keep all the allergies away and maintain hygiene around your mattress.

  1. Certification

If you finalize the purchase of a new mattress, you should ensure that the mattress is in line with various authorized certifications, like CertiPUR-US. You should always check the product against the industry standards so that you are sure they are safe to be used.

  1. Budget

This is just a generic parameter that should be considered while buying a thin mattress. Anyway, we consider it for any purchase. The budget should not affect your comfort but if you can get comfort at a cheap rate, then why not opt for it. You should look for the best thin mattress that fits your budget.


A thin mattress has its own health benefits and is much cheaper. If you are looking for the combination of different materials, lack of sink and extra breathability in a thin mattress that will help you to have a good quality sleep. So, go ahead and buy one if it takes care of your needs. Your thin mattress should be compact, easy to be moved and should take less storage space. You should be able to use it as a spare bed as well.

Five Bedding Ideas that Help in Providing You a Great Night’s Sleep

Five Bedding Ideas that Help in Providing You a Great Night’s Sleep

Getting a great night’s sleep is extremely important to wake up feeling rested and rejuvenated. When you don’t get enough sleep, you lack the energy needed to get through the day. This leads to side effects like illnesses and weight gain. Having the right type of bedding can help you get that sleep your body craves. Here are five bedding ideas that can significantly improve your sleep.

The Mattress

The journey to better sleep begins with the selection of the right mattress. There are several options available, including memory foam and spring versions. With both designs offering pretty significant benefits, you wonder which would be the ideal choice for you. The following information will clear up the dilemma whether to choose a memory foam or spring mattress.

Memory foam contours to the shape of your body. This helps relieve pain as the foam tenderly tends to sensitive areas. It also has a longer lifespan than spring mattresses as it doesn’t droop or sag over time. Best of all, memory foam pulls heat away from your body to keep you cool throughout the night.

Spring mattresses are more affordable and can be paired with a memory foam topper for a more budget-friendly option. They are quick to break in, and they provide instant gratification. One’s with inner coils have a ventilation system built-in that is excellent for hot sleepers.

The Topper

Bamboo mattress toppers add an additional layer of softness to your mattress while protecting it. Copper-gel infused memory foam versions keep you cool and comfortable by pulling your body heat away from you. Although a topper is soft, it will still provide one with the support they need. Another excellent perk is that the topper acts as a protective layer between you and the mattress, which can further help increase the lifespan of the mattress.

The Sheets

Nothing beats a good set of sheets when it comes to getting the rest one needs. There are so many options available that it can be hard to select the perfect set. Bamboo is becoming a popular sheeting material for many reasons. Its breathability keeps your body cool. Also, bamboo is durable, and hypoallergenic while feeling soft and silky. It wicks moisture away to further add to your comfort, and it resists odors.

The Pillows

With a good mattress, soft topper, and luxurious sheets in place, you will now need to think about the best pillow to use. The fill is what makes a pillow wonderful. A soft and airy option is an all-natural Kapok fiber-filled pillow. It is lighter than the traditional feather or cotton filled versions, which means a longer-lasting loft that cradles your neck and head. When this is combined with memory foam, you have a pillow that alleviates much of your tossing and turning as well as the pain of a stiff neck upon waking.

The Weighted Blanket

Don’t rule out a weighted blanket. Many people think they are just for those suffering from anxiety or ADHD, but these amazing bedding pieces provide excellent benefits to everyone. Glass beads are sewn in between the layers of batting for an evenly distributed weight. This little bit of extra weight applies a gentle pressure over the entire body that feels like a hug. This feeling creates a calming effect and helps relieve stress.

Try any combination of these great bedding ideas, or all of them together. You will be surprised by how better you are able to sleep. Once you are able to fall asleep easily, and stay asleep throughout the night, you will finally be able to wake up feeling refreshed and full of energy.