The Growing Demand for Large Flats and Apartments in the UAE

Large Flats in the UAE

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According to Emirates.Estate, statistics from the past five years reveal that there is a consistent increase in the demand for large (big) flats apartments in the UAE. Many experts have tried to juxtapose the reason for this rise, in determining whether it is a temporary move that needs no consideration, or whether it is a growing trend that developers can utilize by building more of the sought units in the following years to come. Follow the article till the end.

The Category of Large Flats That Are in Demand in the UAE

There are two major categories of large flats in demand in the UAE. The first category is flats with large interior space. There are so many mini/micro units in the form of suites, rooms, and even villas these days, making people appreciate the larger room spaces more. As a result, properties have enormous insides where a bed, wardrobes, electronics, and all similar items can comfortably sit, and there’d still be ample moving and loitering corners.

The second category of large flats that are now making rounds according to purchaser and rental power, is the number of bedrooms. Some people can manage a studio apartment and live their lives to the fullest, but once you have a family, the larger the house is, the better because children need space to play and should not be confined to small apartments or houses. As such, it is the family people you are likely to find searching for this category of flats.

Why Are Large Flats in Demand?

There are some common reasons why people now prefer to have large flats over smaller ones. First of all, they are now hard to get into the reality of the UAE market. It is a known fact that land is nearly golden in the UAE, and investors are trying to maximize what they have to create multiple units. Apparently, it is not enough that these complexes far into the sky with multiple floors, many meters have been abridged, making rooms small. So, when purchasers find apartments in the UAE, particularly in Dubai that are very spaced with great ventilation, they do not hesitate to take it.

As a result, those categories of properties sell out fast and are often easily taken on leases and rents. As a developer, including more spaces in your apartments can improve its marketability and give it a competitive edge in the UAE property market. To buy large flats and apartments in off-plan projects in UAE click this link.

The Best Locations for Off-Plan Projects in the UAE for Maximum ROI

Now that you know where to look when in search of property in large-size rooms in the UAE, it is important to know the places that pull the highest ROI in terms of investments in the UAE. They are:

    1. Dubai – internationally, Dubai is recognized as one of the best places to invest in, as regards real estate. The estimate for the year 2023 in Dubai is an average of 8% profitability for projects in the city. Dubai is considered the tourism capital of the UAE and is one of the surest places for getting off-plan units in the country. That is because a high percentage of properties that are in the city are on an off-plan basis, but the terms and number of installments may differ from one property to another.
    2. Sharjah – with the multiple UAE projects that decorate the city of Sharjah, it is no surprise that the government has over the years, redirected real estate traffic to its communities in a bid to encourage even distribution of investment from the saturated areas like Dubai to other cities of the country. There are many off-plan units in Sharjah offering varying levels of installment and post-handover plans to purchasers.
    3. Abu Dhabi – The third country where you can find a high number of real estate properties under the off-plan arrangement is the capital city of the UAE, Abu Dhabi. Being one of the major cities, it attracts a high number of investors who in a bid to compete, offer more flexible payment plans.

A Recap of the Major Points in This Article

This article begins with the improving trends and demand for large properties in the UAE and explores the underlying causes. Then, it proceeds to assist how and where you can get these. The article concludes with an analysis of three major cities in the UAE with the highest ROI over properties.