Here Are 7 Home Design Trends to Help Make Your House Look Modern and Elegant


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Your home should be your haven of peace, and one of the best ways you can ensure that it fulfills this objective is by designing it to suit your preferences.

Specifying the interior design needs and the details around your home enables you to express yourself and ultimately create a place where you can feel comfortable and relaxed.

That’s the reason why different people choose to have different designs for their homes, with some going to the extent of spending a fortune just to ensure that their living space looks exactly like they intend it to be like.

On the same note, some people are only out to upgrade their home to make it look modern. The truth is that no one wants to get left behind in terms of adapting to global changes and trends, and your home shouldn’t either.

If you’re that person who wants to change with the time, then here are seven home design trends to make your house look modern:

1. Velvet Furnishings

Earlier on in this decade, velvet was perceived as being old fashioned and stuffy. That perception has taken a drastic change in the past two years, with people now viewing velvet as being luxurious and funky.

This fabric has gained a lot of attention from interior designers, making it a coveted décor item. If you’re looking forward to modernizing your home, include velvet in your living room decor.

Velvet sofas, for instance, will do your home a lot of justice, though you should be wise in selecting a color that will match your current theme.

You can also choose to throw out the old furniture and create an entirely new theme.

2. Brass Décor

Polished nickel and stainless steel have for many years been perceived as necessary in the faucets in the kitchen and bathroom sinks. Most people have actually had to ensure that other items in their kitchen and bathrooms don’t color clash with the accents of these two metals.

In the modern home, however, brass is king. A brass accent gives a warm and subtle touch to your bathroom and kitchen.

If anything in these two areas of your home is made of polished nickel and stainless steel, it’s time to say goodbye to them as you welcome brass to give your home a touch of modernity.

3. Bucket Sinks

The use of bucket sinks was once a thing in the past, but it has come up as a vintage design trend in the recent past.

Modern homes are incorporating the bucket sink in place of the regular modern sink. The bucket sinks are farm-house inspired and hence give a touch of warmth and friendliness, making your bathroom outstanding.

Since you’re looking to have your home look modern, take small steps like replacing your regular sink with a trough sink as you make plans to redesign other areas of your home. And if you want new backsplash tiles to accompany your new sinks, learn more here.

4. Burnt Yellow

For the longest time in the last decade, burnt yellow was perceived as being too dramatic and overwhelming for use in interior design. Currently, this shade is taking over quite speedily, with most people praising it as a color that exudes happiness and cheer.

If you’re still paranoid about how to incorporate this color into your current home to make it look modern, consult an experienced interior designer. Burnt yellow is a risky color, but it could be all that you need to create a totally different living space that screams “modern”.

5. The Memphis Design

The use of Memphis-themed graphic shapes of the items like sofas and tables is gradually taking over in the current world. The primary colors that are being used for the interior sections of the homes are also heavily associated with the homes in the past-day Memphis.

If you decide to modernize your home by incorporating this design into your living space, you are guaranteed to find and purchase most items easily. Their presence in the market is on the rise.

You can, for instance, replace those straight and rigid sofas with the enveloping tub chairs or the Vladimir Kagan-esque curved sofas. This will be a great step toward making your home look modern.

6. Biophilia

This modern home trend is deeply rooted in the emphasis of our connection with nature. Most people are now including natural materials in their living spaces as a means to appreciate the nature found outside their homes.

The inclusion of plants in the living room and kitchen area is perhaps the most suitable example. In very rare occasions will you find a modern home that doesn’t have a lot of plants.

Another thing you can consider is having an object, such a rock collected from nature, placed at a point where it catches the attention of those who visit your home.

7. Wood

That’s right! You may have thought that wood is a thing of the 1800s, but it has resurfaced as a top trend at this time of the 21st century. Most people use wood on their floors, roofs, and furniture to create a unique theme in their homes.

Interior designers are actually choosing to have more wood used in lieu of other building materials due to the warmth and character that it brings. Wood pairs very well with white and grey objects in a home, giving it a touch of uniqueness, which is exactly what most people are looking for.

The use of wood in kitchens has particularly increased in the past three years, with most homeowners saying that they love the farmhouse style that is associated with using wood. As such, most cabinets are being designed using wood, and little to no color adjustments are made on their exterior surface.

Now That You Know These Home Design Trends…

You can now begin giving your home a complete, contemporary makeover! Taking advantage of these home design trends require significant renovation and construction, so be sure to check out our article on the steps you need to take to complete a successful home remodel as well!