How Long Do Windows Last? 5 Clear Signs Your Home Needs New Windows


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How long do windows last? The average lifespan of a window is around 15 to 30 years. Around that time, your windows will start to exhibit signs of wear and tear signaling that you’ll have to replace them soon.

Knowing these signs will allow you to pinpoint when the best time is to purchase new windows.

Here are 5 clear signs your home needs new windows.

1. High Energy Bills

If you are starting to see an increase in the energy bills for your home, one possibility is that you need new windows.

Older windows can lose their ability to insulate your house properly. This is because over time the seal between the window and the house get loose.

This is why investing in new windows can end up saving you money on future energy bills.

2. Repairs Are Becoming Increasingly More Difficult

Window manufacturers will only make repair parts for their windows for a certain amount of time.

It’s possible that your old windows are so outdated that they no longer have repair parts on the market. This makes it impossible to fix the older window.

This is a clear sign that you’ll have to update and replace your old windows.

3. How Long Do Windows Last? Until They Have Cracks

One of the most obvious ways that you can tell if you need new windows is by if there are any cracks in the window panes.

Over the lifespan of your windows, environmental factors can cause the house to move and the windows to warp. Warping can cause your windows to break and crack.

If the crack is minor, leaving the window without treating the issue can cause the crack to spread and become a much larger problem.

Temporary repairs can be useful, but you’ll find that completely replacing the window is inevitable.

4. Hearing Weird Noises

Hearing loud, strange noises coming from your windows isn’t normal.

If you are constantly hearing your windows make loud sounds, you probably are in need of new windows.

Noises coming from windows normally indicate that the windows have lost some of their structural integrity due to old age and wear.

5. Times (And Styles) Have Changed

If there aren’t any structural problems with your windows, you might still want to replace them because of aesthetic reasons.

Window styles go in and out of style. If you have an older home and are looking to do some updates on the outside of the home, the windows could probably use a facelift as well!

There are newer contemporary styles available now which can work well with a new remodel.

Consider reputable companies like Renewal by Andersen Windows for all the new styles of windows.

Prepare for the Future

Now that you know the answer to “how long do windows last?”, and the signals that your windows are on their way out, you can anticipate and prepare for when you need to invest in new windows.

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