How to Choose the Right Type of Glass for Your New Window

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Are you having a brand-new window installed in your home? Or are you simply replacing the glass in an old window?

Either way, it’s important for you to choose the right type of glass for your window. There are many types of window glass on the market today, so you’re going to have to take some time figuring out the best glass for windows in your specific home.

Here are some of the different types of window glass that will be available to you. Try to decide which one would suit your home best as you learn more about them.

Float Glass

If you’re looking for the most basic type of glass for windows, you can’t go wrong with float glass. This type of glass is produced by taking molten glass and transforming it into long panels.

Although there isn’t anything particularly special about float glass, it’s one of the least expensive types of window glass. It’s why so many people pick this glass for windows in their homes, especially when doing window glass replacement.

Annealed Glass

Annealed glass is a small step up from float glass. To manufacture annealed glass, companies that produce window glasses take float glass and put it through a cooling process to make it stronger than it would be otherwise.

If you need your window glass to be stronger than float glass while still being on the affordable side, annealed glass is a terrific option.

Tempered Glass

Are you searching for one of the strongest types of window glass on the market today? Then you’re going to love what tempered glass has to offer.

Tempered glass is annealed glass—which, as we just mentioned, is already strong—that is taken and heated up to 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit and then cooled quickly to make it as strong as possible.

You might also want to consider going with safety laminated glass for your home’s windows if strength is what you’re chasing. This is another type of glass that is extra strong.

Tinted Glass

Does the sun shine directly into your home at certain times of the day? If so, the sun’s UV rays can really do a number on everything from your furniture and walls to your flooring and carpets.

Tinted glass might be the solution to your problem. It’s designed to stop UV rays from getting into your home so that they aren’t able to cause things to fade.

Tinted glass is also excellent for those that want to beef up their home’s privacy. You won’t have to worry about people peering into your home when you have tinted glass for windows.

Choose the Best Type of Glass for Your Windows

Now that you know more about some of the most popular types of window glass, which one are you going to choose for your home? Your decision should be based on what you need your window glasses to do once they’re in place.

Pick the type of glass that is going to deliver the best results while fitting well within your budget. And make sure you hire the right window glass replacement company to put your glass into place for you.

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