Ideas to Decorate a Bay Window

how to decorate a bay window

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Bay windows are a beautiful addition to any home, but they can be a bit tricky to decorate. One popular option is to use bay windows as a place to display plants. By adding shelves or a small table, you can create a bay window garden that is both stylish and functional.

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If you have young children, bay windows can also be a great place to set up a play area. By adding cushions or floor mats, you can create a cozy spot for your kids to enjoy. Whatever your style, bay windows offer endless possibilities for decorating your home.


Creating a Bay Window Seating Area

A bay window is a great way to add extra space and light to a room, but it can also be a bit of a challenge when it comes to decorating. One way to make the most of your bay window is to create a comfortable seating area.

To start, you’ll need to measure the dimensions of your bay window and decide how you want the furniture to be arranged. Once you’ve done that, you can begin shopping for bay window seating. There are a few different options available, from built-in benches to freestanding sofas.

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Whichever route you choose, make sure to take into account the size and shape of your bay window when selecting furniture. You’ll also want to consider the function of the seating area.

If you’re looking for a place to relax and enjoy the view, opt for softer furnishings and plenty of cushions. However, if you need the seating area to double as a workspace or dining space, then you’ll want to go for something more sturdy and functional. With a little bit of planning, you can create a bay window seating area that is both stylish and comfortable.


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Having large windows provides the ultimate amount of light to your home, but also can be a problem if your privacy is invaded.

Fortunately, various window decorations and treatments are available so that nobody can peek inside your home, but the light will still be able to perfectly illuminate the room. Curtains are a great decoration with various functions. All you need to do is choose the style you like, the appropriate size and you windows will look amazing.

The Fabric

Functionality should always come first, when it comes to choosing the curtains for your window. The lined curtains are perfect for those people who would like to have their privacy and even the full darkness in the room.

Unlined curtains will allow the light to filter through and they are mostly decorative hangings. Lining tends to cost much but it is highly functional because it is the best protection against sun damage, drafts. What is more, the curtains will last longer, which is an additional benefit. An interlining on the curtains is perfect for curtains that are supposed to last very long, and completely block the sun.

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Texture and Color

The mood of the room is the crucial aspect you should look into when choosing the texture of the curtains. A heavy silk or velvet curtains give out the classic, formal feel, and they are perfect for formal spaces. Bear in mind these can only be dry-cleaned. A more practical alternative is definitely a cotton sateen or even a silky rayon blend. Crinkly crushed velvet and billowy linen curtains will be the best casual addition to a window. Cotton is perfect if you wish to add a little bit of neat feel into the room, and it is great because it can be incorporated into every décor.

When it comes to the color, curtains can either completely blend with the entire décor, or they can make a statement with the pop of color. The choice is all yours, so curtains in a shade or two darker tone than the walls, will be perfect for blending in. Furthermore, you can choose to match the color and design of the carpet with the style of curtains. It would definitely be an original combination. On the other hand, if you look for curtains that will light up the room, and stand out, it is best if you choose vibrant colors like pink, yellow or orange. These colors will make the room feel cheery.

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Prints and patterns are another option, when it comes to the design of curtains. It is important to know that if the furniture is patterned, curtains should be solid, and vice versa. A small, neutral print featuring dots will be just the right touch of style. If you are looking for a spectacular décor, put large, graphic print that will be the complementary colour of the existing décor.


Curtains and window treatments make a real difference to an entire room, but if the window is not properly installed and lets the air from the outside into the house, the curtains become less relevant. The better the window – the less cooling you will need. This is why everyone should make sure they have a solar window film, in order to minimize the costs of heating and cooling of home. Frame, glass, design and installation are the most important factors to consider when buying windows. Therefore, make sure you do the research well, and find windows that will keep your home safe from draft.

Curtains are the best way to add a little bit of style to your home, and make the windows look chic. Choose the ones that best fit your home, and the entire ambiance. Bear in mind the texture, fabric, and colour in order to incorporate the best style into your home.