Interior Design Color Scheme Ideas for 2023

Interior Design Color Scheme Ideas for 2021

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There’s nothing like a year indoors to make you take a second look at your home décor.

In 2020, we all spent more time at home than expected. That has made interior design trends for 2021 an exciting, dynamic subject—people are desperate for change.

Here’s our guide to the best interior design color scheme ideas for 2023.

Stark and Modern

If there’s a design trend that defines the early 2000s, it’s the sleek, modern aesthetic. Stark blacks and whites in sharp contrast, with simple, clean lines. This neatly dovetails with the trend toward mass-produced furniture, which often follows similar aesthetics.

This trend is sure to stick around for a few more years yet—it has inertia on its side. But 2020 certainly made people yearn for change, so you can expect to see this taste for minimalism shift over the next few years. That makes now a perfect time to slip in one last phase of monochromatic home décor.

Mellow ADAIR Mid-Century Modern Loveseat/Sofa/Couch with Armrest Pockets, Light Grey

Warm and Welcoming

Let’s face it: 2020 involved a lot of staring at the same old walls. If you found them a little cold and forlorn, now might be the time to warm things back up.

By aiming for warm tones, you can bring vibrancy back into a home turned stale and make the place feel cozy and welcoming again. With the risk of more time at home always around the corner, warm colors are the perfect partner, inviting you to feel comforted by those long hours at home.

Dolonm Accent Arm Chair for Living Room Bedroom Upholstered Side Chair Mid Century Modern Decorative Reading Wingback Chair Linen Fabric with Wood Legs (Yellow)

Natural Shades

It’s an uncomfortable reality of modern life that many of us see less and less nature by the year. One solution is to bring nature into your home with colors that invoke the natural world. Usually chosen as an alternative to minimalist, modern styles, natural design features a lot of organic greens and browns to bring a home to life.

This is a real retro approach, harkening back to pre-modern sensibilities but updating them for the modern era. But retro is now, so this is a great look for moving forward. Natural colors pair well with vintage furniture or furniture in a similar retro style, so consider ditching those sharp IKEA angles and opt for something with a classic flair.

Novogratz Tallulah Memory Foam Futon, Green Velvet, Width: 83",Depth: 33.5",Height: 32.5"

All White Everything

Keeping with the philosophy of the natural look, many people are turning to natural, chalky whites on sofas to futons.. The reason is simple: all-white home décor offers natural, classic Mediterranean vibes, which feel at one with the outdoors while bringing the feel of sunlit beaches inside. Paired with cozy furnishings like soft carpets, white décor can feel heavenly.

Of course, white can be a challenge to maintain, so make sure you have a service like on hand to keep things looking spotless.

Signature Design by Ashley Caladeron Mid-Century Modern Chenille Upholstered Sofa, Off-White

Your Interior Design Color Scheme for 2021

2021 is an exciting blank page for home décor. A year indoors has shaken up the whole conversation about interior design, so these interior design color scheme ideas are only a small selection of what’s on the table. Still, we hope we’ve narrowed down the options so you can find the right one for you.

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