It’s a new season and you know what that means. It’s time to freshen up your decor. Out with the old and in with the new!

Redecorating can be expensive, and you won’t always get things exactly how you want them. Why not personalize your space with your own handiwork?

DIY-ing can be a fun activity with family and friends and you end up with cool crafts that you can use to decorate your space!

If you’re looking for some “do it yourself” style for the kitchen, you’re in the right place. Keep reading for some DIY kitchen decor ideas that we’ve been loving this season.

Make a Shadowbox

A shadowbox is a great way to combine your favorite photos and objects into one cool piece of decor.

Kitchens have limited wall space, so you want to make the space that you have really count.

Combine some of your favorite memories, some cool trinkets, and back it with either simple matting or your favorite decorative photos.

If you’re not a photographer, finding photos online that work with your box is a great choice. Check out photographers like Garsha18 Photography or plenty of cool artists on sites like Flickr for inspiration.

Do Some Embroidery

There’s something so rustic about embroidery circles hanging on a kitchen wall. If you love the farmhouse look, consider this DIY kitchen wall decor.

Embroidery can take a bit of practice, but there are plenty of patterns to practice and display. You’ll feel great after learning a new skill and using it to decorate your space. Embroidery looks sweet and you can make any design you want to suit your needs.

We like the look of several embroidery circles hanging in a vertical line in the more narrow spaces of your wall that are hard to fill!

Create Your Own DIY Menu Board

Are you the house chef? You might need a menu board to really make it official.

There are plenty of expensive menu boards on furniture sites, but why not make yours truly unique by putting it together yourself?

Be creative. The basic components that you’ll need are:

  • A large picture frame
  • A chalkboard that fits within the picture frame
  • A small cup or box that matches the frame
  • Some kind of adhesive to secure these things together
  • Chalk

Combine all of these components, throw some chalk into the chalk-holder and start writing down your weekly meal plans.

Label Your Things!

Do you ever get jealous of people who have those cute matching labeled spice jars and utensil holders?

Why not make some of your own? Go pick up some matching jars and start your labeling!

You can DIY your labels either with a sticker-making company or on your own if you want to go a little more low-tech. You can even use chalkboard paint on your jars and write your labels out. This is great for anyone who cycles through different products and doesn’t want to keep remaking labels!

DIY Kitchen Decor Is Easy and Fun!

If your kitchen is feeling a little bit stale, try some DIY kitchen decor crafts to brighten it up. These are great rainy day activities and you’ll feel accomplished when you’re done.

For more DIY home decor ideas, visit the rest of our site!