What Kind of Bedding Do Luxury Hotels Use? (& How to Get It)

Luxury Hotel bedding

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The most attractive place in any hotel room is the bed, always with a high mattress, soft pillows, and perfectly white sheets. Bedding for a good hotel is not only a guarantee of a sound guest’s sleep but also a source of pride, as well as a guarantor of an impeccable reputation. That is why five-star hotels pay just as much attention to it as to interior design or drawing up a wine list.

Why bed linen? First, scientists have long been convinced that we spend about a third of our lives in sleep. With this in mind, sleep equipment should be recognized as the most underestimated factor that affects our well-being and health. Secondly, it is important for the hotel that the guest is in a good mood, and here again sleep plays a key role: everyone is familiar with the gloomy state caused by insomnia or fatigue.

White Color

The first principle that every self-respecting hotel adheres to is that bed linen should be completely white. The logic here is simple: white is a symbol of purity. It is impossible to hide even the smallest defect or stain on it, which serves as proof of the quality standard and that the hotel staff pays great attention to the hygiene and comfort of the guests. In addition, such underwear visually enlarges the space. However, this was not always the case.

Until the 1990s, hotels often used colored linens as they were much easier to care for. The American chain Westin Hotel & Resorts became a revolution in bedding design, which was the first to conduct research and find out that white is the color that guests love the most. Such linen evokes a feeling of novelty and inspires confidence not only in the bed in the room, but in the entire hotel. White linen is also beneficial from a practical point of view. The use of bedding and bath linen in the same shade allows one wash.


Typically, hotels use natural cotton or high-density satin sheets. When a manager decides which material is best to buy, he first of all proceeds from the capabilities of the bed linen care service.

A hotel with its own washing, drying, and ironing equipment can afford cotton sheets, although this material is not easy to make friends with: it often puffs up and wrinkles quickly. Hotels with limited ironing facilities choose linens made from a more elastic polycotton – a blend of natural cotton and synthetic fibers.

Bedding and Beds

Lingerie selection is only half the battle. It is much more difficult to find quality bedding that will provide maximum comfort while you sleep. When choosing a blanket, you should pay attention to such a characteristic as “tog”. It determines its heat transfer, which can range from 4.5 to 12 units. Hotels buy blankets for the summer with an indicator of 4.5 units, for the winter – 10. You can find that very crispy actil first line sheets in The Bedspread shop.

The Secrets

First of all, and this is the main thing, you need to remember that hotels order high-density satin bedding for themselves. This guarantees a long service life for the laundry and its high wear resistance during washing. By high density we mean 300-500TS.

Satin jacquard is also distinguished by its high wear resistance. In hotels, its striped version is especially popular – “stripe” (monograms and other patterns, if found, are in presidential suites).

As a rule, bed linen inexpensive hotels is laconic in color – traditionally the bed is covered with a white set. After all, it has been proven that white bedding has a calming effect on our mood, which contributes to the quality and sound sleep. This trick is used by many hotels, paying maximum attention to the sleeping area (well, of course, so that you stay at this hotel again!)

But the indicator of really expensive linen is the finish. Hotels with a name, as a rule, order linen for themselves with finishing in the form of a “frame”, “ears”, edging, and sometimes embroider their logo or coat of arms on the products. It should be understood that if you want a bed “like in a hotel”, then this is not only high-quality bedding, but also a comfortable mattress, and a light blanket, and soft pillows. But the most important thing is a wonderful mood and warm impression of the day!

What Characteristics of the Fabric Should You Pay Attention To?

The most important indicator is the density of the fabric. It is divided into superficial and linear.

Surface density – measured in grams per square meter and the weight of the finished bedding set. The heavier it is, the more the wash costs will be.

Linear density is an indicator that is measured in the number of threads per unit area (cm2) or per unit length.