Modern Bedding Ideas

Modern Bedding Ideas

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A few decades ago, good bedding was expensive. Even a plain set of sheets could be quite costly, especially if they were made of quality materials. Once you paid for this premium bedding, you then had to take special care to maintain it without ruining it.

Even worse, after you washed your sheets and pillowcases they typically looked wrinkled and disheveled unless you took the time to iron them before putting them on your bed. What a big hassle!

Bedding Improvements

However, the days of pricey, high-maintenance bedding are over! Modern day bedding is comfortable, affordable and easy to take care of.

Today’s sheets, comforters and pillowcases are made using a high thread count of fabric blends or 100 percent Egyptian cotton. And, unlike their older counterparts made of traditional materials, cleaning most new bedding is as easy as running it through your washing machine.

Modern Bedding Ideas

Modern bedding tends to include bold colors and complex patterns. Because of this, it’s important to keep your bedroom looking neat and organized whenever possible. Otherwise, these linens might make the room seem too busy. Also, while it may be tempting to spruce up an old room with new bedding, older beds and furniture items may seem out of place next to colorful modern options.

When you purchase new bedding accessories, it’s wise to make them the focal point of your room. By picking out bright colors, or finding a comforter with a colorful design on it, you invite your guests to take a closer look at your stylish bedding and not any clutter that may be elsewhere in the room.

Color choice and theme plays a big part in how your room comes together. Don’t pick out sheets in your favorite color if nothing else in the room matches. Choose colors that coordinate with your walls and carpet, or find lamps or other accessories that match the colors that you do choose. Remember, even a few simple throw pillows can turn clashing bedding into a vibrant, two-toned bedroom theme.