Outdoor Living Space Designs: Designed to Impress

Chic Ideas for Outdoor Bedrooms and Lounge Areas

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Outdoor living spaces are a rising trend reshaping the way we live. Homeowners across the globe are flocking outdoors with the first signs of nice weather beckoning, and who can blame them? 

If you want to tap into this movement too, you can do it regardless of whether you have a tiny patio or a vast backyard oasis. Not only that, but you can also avoid blowing the budget and turn some heads in the neighborhood while at it.  So, if you ask me, it is time to expand outwards and put together a personalized, fully livable space.

Organizing the space

First off, you need to take a good look at your space and try to map and zone it. Employ a divide and conquer strategy to make it happen. Namely, identify the areas that support different kinds of outdoor activities (relaxation, gatherings, dining, grilling, etc.). Define traffic patterns with walkways and use them to encourage discovery and exploration of the garden. Ponder shrubs, trees, and hardscape materials that can act as borders and separators. An additional benefit is that they ensure much-needed privacy by shielding the view from the outside.

Boosting visual appeal

Before spending big, you might want to think small. There is no shortage of affordable updates and smart accents go a long way toward elevating the look of your outdoor living space. Containers, vases, and pots are an inexpensive addition, which is sure to bring splashes of colour and texture. With the rotation of seasonal plants, you will have an ever-fresh colour palette all year round and make things much more interesting.  You may also showcase your flea market finds, DIY creations, and personal items to make the space truly your own.

Seating and furniture

Seating space is vital in any yard, whether it is just a secluded reading spot or a party-ready poolside hub. In both cases, invest in quality outdoor furniture that can endure a heavy beating from the elements. In sun-soaked countries, they are showing us how this can be done without compromising on style. For instance, outdoor furniture trends in Sydney propose light, refreshing haute-boho touches for creating a pure outdoor elegance that will stand the test of time. Once you get the right furniture, you can infuse the area with extra cosiness in the form of throw pillows, rugs, parasols, and other soft items. If the space comes at a premium, let furniture pieces do double-duty. Benches and sectionals that have built-in storage underneath are certainly worth it.

Cherry-picking your centrepieces

A stunning centrepiece is more than a splurge— it enables you to anchor your outdoor refuge. A fireplace/fire pit is a great focal point. It ensures quiet and warm nights and social evenings filled with chatter and laughter. Just consult local building codes to get familiar with safety and placement rules that apply in your case. Another approach would be to go for a water feature such as a fountain or a pond. Orienting seating around it can completely transform your space and foster a truly tranquil atmosphere.

Assemble an outdoor kitchen

Outdoor kitchen spaces are a special treat— they allow you to almost entirely transition outdoors. These rooms come in all shapes and sizes, but they are usually equipped with things like refrigerators, kitchen islands, bars, cooktops, grills, and sinks. Note that it is a good idea to opt for stainless steel appliances because they are quite resistant to wear and tear and harsh weather. Embedded into rustic stone or brick design, they also give off a premium, luxury feeling. Try to blend utility and visuals and see the neighbours suddenly taking notice.  

The right way to go about backyard remodel is to come up with a plan and proceed step-by-step. First of all, determine how you want to utilize the space. Establish a variety of uses and functions of your space.  Make sure everything can stand up to the elements and supports your activities and outdoor lifestyle. Have all the comforts and features you expect to see indoors. Deliver personal touches and breathe new life into the bland outdoor area. You should be able to increase the property value and take your living experience to the next level at the same time.