How Many Pillows Should You Sleep With?

pillow count for sleeping

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Despite common belief, sleeping with one pillow is more of a tradition rather than a rule. Some people find it hard to fall asleep with only one support under their heads, while others can do well without any at all. Modern manufacturers have elaborated ways of substituting old down pillows with latex, buckwheat, memory foam, and so much more. See what has to say about it.

On top of this, there is no limit to the choice of your pillow, but one question remains – how many pillows should there be? Well, that’s what we’re all about today. So let’s get it started!

Multiple Pillows & the Perks

If your night sleep is abrupt with only one pillow as a resting place, then you should know that having a couple of them comes with some benefits. And while some people just look for extra sleeping room, others are completely dependent on a multitude of pillows. Here is why:

  1. Longevity. You may have a simple down pillow that you love so much or a specimen made of latex, memory foam, and so on. Either way, your head support is not everlasting, and one day, there comes a time you will have to get rid of it. On the other hand, if you have a couple of pillows and you rotate them now and again, you have a great chance of keeping them fluffy and orthopedic for longer.
  2. Body alignment. When you think of an alignment a pillow provides, you normally pay attention to the way your neck and head are placed. But it’s not always the case, especially if you like to surround yourself with pillows. This way, you can align your spinal cord and pelvis so that the body provides a better, upright alignment for your organs as well.
  3. Bounciness. It’s absolutely natural to have a preferred pillow toughness level. Whether it has to be hard, medium, or completely soft, your body knows it better. Meanwhile, the body may change its preferences over time, tilting towards more or less robust textures. So, having a couple of different cushions comes in handy without interrupting your sleep.

Pillow Type & Fitting

Now that we know there is nothing wrong with filling up your bedside with a few sets of pillows, it’s time to move to the purpose. It may strike you, but different pillows are meant for different purposes. The size, material, and shape determine the position a pillow is good for, as well as its placement.

  • Standard pillows. The normal, rectangular pillows are designed to be a great support for your neck bones and muscles. You, normally, place them a little over your shoulders.
  • Mini pillows. Smaller and sometimes different in shapes, mini pillows go nicely under your back or between the legs. They ensure the relaxation and softening of the muscles to reduce pressure and pain.
  • Body pillows. Unlike standard or mini pillows, body pillows are designed for orthopedic purposes when a person suffers from stiffness or strains throughout their body. Placed along the front, the support provides a nice sleeping space so that all the muscles are relaxed and have improved blood circulation.
SpineAlign Pillow
SpineAlign Pillow

Your Body Knows It Better, Trust It

Again, the number of pillows you sleep with is not important. One cushion can be more than enough for some people, whereas three or four of them may be scarce for others. Regardless of how many you like, having a couple comes with benefits and ensures longevity and comfort.

Nonetheless, you have to see for yourself and determine how many pillows your body feels most comfortable with. For this, switch between different brands and materials, as well as try a mini pillow as your back support. Whatever you do, make sure that peaceful sleep is a priority.