Proper Ways To Soundproof Your Kid’s Bedroom

Soundproof Your Kid's Bedroom

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It’s no secret that kids can be very loud. All the loud music, movies and video games might just disrupt the whole family’s everyday life. Also, any noise coming in can prevent them from concentrating while studying. That’s why it’s necessary to come up with the best ways to soundproof your kid’s room and make sure noise doesn’t become an issue in your home. We have come up with a couple of them that might just be what you were looking for.

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Look for Any Gaps

Sound can easily leak through the gaps and even the tiniest ones might cause you real headaches. So the first step would be to look for any gaps. It’s always a good idea to lift the floorboards and check if all the joists are supported by the party wall since any gaps will let the sound leak through. If you spot any gaps, make sure you use flexible acoustic sealant to seal it properly. A less efficient way is to use normal fiberglass loft insulation, but it is still better than nothing. Also, if the floorboards in your kid’s bedroom are squeaking, this might be the right time to think about replacing them.

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Choose the Type of Underlay Carefully

Choosing the right type of underlay is another important thing you will have to do when soundproofing your kid’s bedroom. This will benefit all the adjoining rooms, as well as those above and below your kid’s bedroom. There are underlays that have been specifically designed to reduce the noise. Make sure to get some of these if the noise is a real problem in your household. Heavier the underlay is, the less noisy the room will be. The panels are quite easy to handle and installing them shouldn’t be too difficult. Just make sure you adjust them so that all the doors can open and close smoothly.

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Soundproof the Walls as Well

Once you’re done dealing with the floor in your kid’s bedroom, it’s time to think about soundproofing the walls as well. Even though flanking noise can flank around the soundproofed walls as well, doing this will still reduce the noise in the adjoining rooms. This is especially the case if any lightweight blocks have been used for the inside skin of the walls. Installing cavity wall insulation is the best ways to soundproof the walls. These can absorb and prevent the noise from travelling through the cavity. Not only this, but wall insulation will make your home warmer during the winter as well.

Choose the Right Windows

Another thing you should think about doing is replacing the windows in your kid’s bedroom. There are windows today that have been designed with a specific goal to create a barrier between the sound and your ear. Such windows usually have thicker glass and have some air space. Most of them use laminated glass which is a glass-plastic-glass sandwich that prevents noise from both coming in or out of the room. It’s always advisable to consult experts in double glazing window installation when choosing the right soundproof option for your kid’s bedroom.

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Check the Ceiling Joists

Even though you have already covered the floor joists, checking the ceiling joists might be necessary as well. If there is no or insufficient loft insulation, this might be the right time to add some. The fiberglass that comes in rolls is the best option when it comes to soundproofing the ceiling. Experts also say that a 15mm high density plasterboard can also do wonders for your kid’s bedroom. There are many other things you can add to the ceiling such as acoustic mineral wool and soundproofing mat. Still, adding all of these can take up too much space, especially in the smaller rooms.

Make sure you do all of these things and noise won’t be able to neither go in or out of your kid’s bedroom. That way, everyone can enjoy their peace and concentrate while studying or working.

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