Repairing Timber Windows in Listed Buildings

Repairing Windows in Listed Buildings

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Scott James Sash Windows Specialists offer interested customers high-quality restoration and renovation of antique wood windows. Any work on the restoration of such things is complex and responsible. Particular attention is required by old buildings, some parts of which have already been damaged by the influence of time.

First of all, houses of particular architectural value need repairs. That is why in England there are a number of strict rules governing restoration and renovation of such buildings. Our task is to preserve as many beautiful buildings of historical and cultural value as possible.

Modern England is rich in architectural objects. A huge advantage is that most old houses were built of durable materials. In particular, this applies to windows. Therefore, most often they just need a restoration rather than a complete replacement.

It’s pretty difficult to plan repairs correctly. All other difficulties are accompanied by the need to strictly adhere to established rules and laws. It can take a lot of time to prepare the necessary documentation, plus you should go through other formalities before the start of the repairs.

When You Might Need Official Permission

In many cases, you might need to get the proper permission from the authorities to start the repair and restoration of windows. This should be taken into account when overhauling heritage windows. The legal document is always required for the complete replacement of certain parts of the building. At the same time, the main requirement is to preserve its original architectural appearance. In such cases, the officials may allow a full replacement of the windows.

If you want to carry out Listed Windows Restoration in a house included into the list of objects of special architectural value, or belong to a protected area, then you must contact your local officials before starting the repair. They will review your application and notify you if you get the permission to do it. A civil servant will also help you with your application.

How to Repair Architectural Buildings

In case of minor changes, no building permit is required. Such works include sealing, applying new paint, as well as some types of major repairs. Wooden windows can be restored if they don’t need a complete replacement. If you have glasses of the appropriate size, glazing will not be difficult. If you need minor change, rather than a complete rebuilding of a house, you don’t need official permissions.

Many owners of valuable buildings are in dire need of professional advice for listed building projects. The question of how to determine the need for window restoration is very relevant. There are always a number of sure visible signs. Remember that minor problems can later cause bigger troubles. Rotting of wood is a serious defect that spreads quickly. Therefore, the main thing is to notice it at the early stages. Timely maintenance and repairs as well as professional advice for listed building projects will make your windows more durable.

Restoration of old windows of any design can include the following tasks:

  • dismantling the window from the frame;
  • cutting out rotting areas of wood;
  • replacement of unrepairable areas and parts;
  • elimination of voids and cracks using high-quality epoxy resin;
  • installation of new sashes and ensuring their correct balancing;
  • inserting new glasses;
  • filling-up;
  • lubrication of pulleys, hinges and other parts of the window;
  • applying new paint to protect the surface from moisture.

Moreover, the process of overhauling heritage windows might be combined with mounting a special perimeter sealing system (VPSS). It prevents the window from creaking and drafts. An equally useful solution is the sash removal system (SRS). Thanks to it, it will be much easier for you to paint or clean the window.