Roof Design: 5 of the Most Popular Roof Styles to Consider for Your New Home


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Choosing the right roof design for your home can be a more difficult decision than many people realize.

Different roof styles vary a lot in terms of construction costs, while some roofs are more appropriate for certain weather conditions. A roof’s shape also plays a big role in defining the overall aesthetics of your home. And, you’ll need to consider the extra living or storage space that some roof types can provide.

Read on to find out the five most popular roof styles and how to identify which is best for your new home.

1. Gable Roof

Gable roofs have a triangular shape and are one of the most popular types of roofs across the US.

Their simple design makes them easier and cheaper to build than more complex roof styles. Gable roofs are also excellent at shedding water and snow, and provide a good amount of space for an attic.

Their main disadvantage is that they are less resistant in high-wind areas. As such, it pays to hire the professionals at Boise Roofers to ensure your gable roof is well-constructed with adequate support.

2. Flat Roof

Although more common on commercial buildings, flat roofs are becoming popular for residential house roof designs. This is because of the extra living space they can provide as a terrace or penthouse-style room.

Flat roofs are ideal for placing unsightly air-conditioning units, or you can install solar panels for an energy-efficient home. Flat roofs are also easier and cheaper to construct.

While flat roofs appear to be completely flat, they do have a slight pitch so as to allow for drainage. That said, they are more susceptible to leakage, meaning they are not suitable for areas with high rainfall or snowfall.

3. Hip Roof

A hip roof has slopes on all four sides that meet to form a ridge at the top. They are sturdier than gable roofs, making them ideal for areas with high winds, rainfall, and snowfall.

One disadvantage is that hip roof designs are more expensive to build than gable roofs and flat roofs due to their more complex design. They also provide less space than other roof designs unless you add a dormer, which in turn, can weaken the overall structure and stability.

4. Mansard Roof

Also called a French roof, a mansard roof combines double slopes on each side that meet to form a low-pitched roof.

This low-pitched section makes mansard roofs less than ideal for areas with heavy snowfall. And, their complex design means they are more expensive than many other roof styles.

Although, they are ideal for creating extra living space, and can be modified at a later date with additions of garrets or dormers as your needs change.

5. Gambrel Roof

A gambrel roof, also known as a barn roof, is similar to a mansard roof but has two slopes instead of four.

This simpler roof design makes gambrel roofs cheaper to construct than mansard roofs, while still allowing for the advantage of extra living space.

But, these types of roofs are not recommended for areas with heavy snowfall or high winds due to their open design.

Your Guide to Popular Roof Styles

As these popular roof styles show, there are many different variations when it comes to selecting the right roof for your new home.

Your budget and local weather conditions will often play the biggest role in determining which roof design is most suitable. Although, considerations about aesthetics and space will also come into play when making your final decision.

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