Simple Ways to Make Your Bedroom Look Luxurious

Simple Ways to Make Your Bedroom Look Luxurious

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The time we spend in our bedrooms should be all about us: resting, sleeping, preparing for the days to come or unwinding after a long week. But if your bedroom doesn’t feel like a retreat you want to be in after a long day, you won’t be getting the rest you deserve. Let’s face it: not everyone has the budget to rebuild their entire bedroom to make it look luxurious, but there are a few tricks that will, without changing anything else, give your room a luxurious feeling. Here are some of those tricks:

Be bold

If there is one thing all luxurious rooms have in common, it is that they have a bold element to them. Whether that means a bold, dark color on the walls, an abstract art piece that takes up half of the wall or a chandelier that just pops, if your room has a bold element, it will draw the eye away from everything else in the room and make it look very high-end. However, you need to be careful not to go overboard: having more than one bold element competing for attention will just make the space seem tacky and slapped together, instead of looking like a bedroom in a five star hotel.

Oasis of relaxation

The keyword for every bedroom should be relaxation, and what better way to relax than in a nice, warm bath? You can do exactly that by installing one of these amazing freestanding bathtubs right there in your bedroom. Complete the corner with a simple wooden rack with fresh towels and your favorite scented bath bombs and shower gels. Imagine that perfect full night’s sleep when you step out of a warm tub right into your bed. Research shows that hot baths also help you sleep better, so say goodbye to stress and hello to dreamland.

Install a headboard

If you don’t already have a headboard, it is high time to get one. And if the one you have isn’t looking that great, then a refreshing change is in order. A padded headboard will not only make you more comfortable and reduce the chances of hitting your head on the wall, but it also adds an incredible sense of luxury to the bedroom. Choose a headboard that matches the style of your room, but remember that the headboard can be the bold element in your room that we previously talked about. Matching your headboard to your decorative pillows or the dominant color scheme of your sheets will make it look even better.

Mix textures

There is a very special look that can be achieved by mixing different textures within one room. Think about how the softer and harder materials work together. For example, a wooden rocking chair layered with a fluffy blanket, or dark, heavy curtains next to the glass of the window. Even the subtle differences in the various pillowcases on your bed add to this feeling. The more contrast you can feel in the room, the more luxurious it will look, so scout for opportunities to incorporate as many different materials as you can. However, just like with being bold, you don’t want these to clash, so make sure you tie them together either by having them be the same color, or maybe the same brightness.

It doesn’t take too much to make a room feel luxurious, but it’s important to remember that a messy room can never look glamorous, so your first step is to make sure you are putting everything back in its place. Whenever you feel like you need a change in the room, remember that just a simple rearrangement of the furniture can make all the difference.