Staying Cool in the Sizzling Summer Heat

summer heat

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When the temperature rises and you are heading into summer, staying cool suddenly becomes a priority. You have several ways to keep cool on the hottest of days.

Install Central Air Conditioning

If you have the means, the best way to go is central air conditioning. This will provide your entire house with the cooling it needs. Air conditioning installation Yorktown VA is well worth the money when you think about the money you will spend on other ways to stay cool. Air conditioning also increases your home’s value and takes the guesswork out of trying to get your house to a certain temperature.

Use Portable Air Conditioners

If you cannot afford central air, portable air conditioners are a good option. These units use windows to cool the air and eliminate hot air, which can create a security issue. You may also want to have one unit upstairs and one downstairs if you live in a two-story home. When setting these up, consider installing them in highly used areas or areas where the air can be easily moved into other rooms of the house. If possible, have a unit blow into the hallway and then have fans move the air into other rooms. This can keep you from needing multiple units on each level.

Buying Many Fans

Having several fans, especially in front of windows, can be a cheap and efficient way to keep cool. You have to be strategic to really keep the whole house cool, however. Consider having fans on throughout the night and early morning. If possible, have windows open at night. Upstairs windows are best because of security concerns with first-floor windows. You may also want to wake up early to open every window and place fans in front of the windows, especially those at the opposite ends of the house for maximum air circulation.

Whatever option you choose, consider the cost (and savings) over time. Be smart about staying cool.