Step-By-Step Guide: How to Build an Easy DIY Bed Frame

Easy DIY Bed Frame

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Nothing says perfect bed like a good mattress and an equally awesome bed frame.

Now, a good mattress will depend on the type of sleeper you are. It also depends on your preference – whether you like something that’s a bit firmer or bouncy.

The good thing is there’s plenty of options to choose from, which applies to bed frames as well. Unlike mattresses, you don’t have to limit yourself to the choices; you see online or in stores. You can build a bed frame by yourself.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to build an easy DIY bed frame.

1. Start with the Platform Bed

For this step, you need four 2x4s. Two should be cut at 80″, while the other two should measure 73″. Take note that these dimensions are for a king-sized bed. For a queen bed frame, just modify the measurements.

CRAFTSMAN Tape Measure, 25-Foot (CMHT37325S)

2. Attach the Corners

The easiest way to do this to use a Kreg Jig and glue. But if you know enough about pocket-hole pointers, you don’t need any special jig.

What’s important is you make the joints as strong as possible. The last thing you want is for them to give out when you’re going to sleep on this frame nightly.

Kreg Tool KPHJ720PRO Pocket-Hole Jig 720 PRO

3. Work on the Inside of Your Bed Frame

Here, you’ll need five 2x4s, with each one measuring 73″. You’ll attach them to the inside of your bed frame every 16 inches.

Again, you can modify the measurements if what you want is a queen bed frame set. Follow step 2 to ensure tight joints.

4. Add the Skirt Pieces

The skirt pieces will be visible so make it a point to choose nice-looking lumber. You’ll need three 1x8s here. Two should measure 80″, while the last one must be cut at 77.5″.

These will go to your bed frame’s sides and front. Don’t worry about overlapping. In fact, you’ll need it to help your mattress stay in place. To fasten the skirt pieces to the edges, you can use glue and a nail gun.

5. Attach the Legs

The measurement for the legs are as follows: one 1×3 and one 1×4. All of them should measure 14.5″.

The 1×3 will go to the end, while the 1×4 goes to the edge of the 1×3. Like with the skirt pieces, you can use glue and a nail gun to attach the legs. You can then fill in the seams and nail holes with wood putty.

Gorilla All Purpose Wood Filler, 6 Ounce Tube

Finishing Your Easy DIY Bed Frame

The last steps are optional. You can paint your bed frame and also add a headboard if you like.

If you want added support for your mattress, you can go to your local hardware store and have sheets of plywood cut. These will go over your bed frame and under your mattress.

And while you’re at it, why not do something with your flooring too? You can check out for some cool ideas.

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Build Your Own Bed Frame