The Design is in the Details – Tips for a Great Finish

The Design is in the Details

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Homeowners take pride in redoing a room or two, or the complete home. But redoing the entire place may not be necessary to making it feel complete and purposeful. Sometimes all that is needed is a little tweaking of the detail to give a space a new feel. But whether large or small you may be able to ensure the best outcome by following a few simple tips.

Avoid Being too Matchy-Matchy

While it is understandable that you would want a room to coordinate and go well together, it is possible to take that principle too far. Decide on a basic color palette such as neutral or jewel tones or monochromatic and for the most part stick to that theme. But don’t hesitate to add an unexpected pop of color or texture or an item that may depart from the general theme but nonetheless feels right alongside it.

Shed a Little Light

A light fixture should add to or complement the general theme of the home. Within that theme there will be many options, allowing you to give an individual style to a space while maintaining a cohesive look throughout the home. For example, depending on the area that needs lighting you may choose between the pendant lighting and the contemporary wall sconces Westlake Village has to offer. Choose lighting that is both pretty and practical.

Add Some Millwork

Trimming out an area in millwork can make the different between plain and perfect. Adding a frame around inset windows can add dimension and visual size, and adding a ledge could provide a place for plants to thrive in the sunlight. Crown molding looks well in most home styles and may make ceilings feel higher. Give importance to a doorway by adding wooden rosettes at the corners.

Although there is a plethora of inspiration online, you can still bring your own unique style into the design. Design each room to suit its purpose and the tastes of the people who will use it. Finish with a few details and enjoy!