The DIY Smart Home: A High Tech Home is Just a Project Away


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Home automation is the new DIY trend. After you automate your home, you practically never need to do anything yourself again. Automated smart homes, automatically adjust things like the temperature or the lighting, and virtual assistants can help you with anything in your house.

You’ll never need to lift a finger if you build a smart home.

A DIY smart home is elegant and comforting — it’s where you have complete control over everything in it. Your home is your castle, and it’s easy to make everything in it obey your commands.

All you need to do is plan a weekend’s project to take full control over the things in it. Devices and gadgets are available now which let you take control of everything from your home’s lighting to the music in it. You can control your house’s temperature from your phone, or just with the sound of your voice.

To learn how to make your house into a home, keep reading below!

Speak, And Be Heard

By now, there’s no doubt you’ve heard about home assistant devices like Alexa or Google Home. With these, you can command virtual assistants to help you with whatever you need. They’re like a search engine you can use with your voice, inside your home.

If you need a recipe or need to call a friend, just let Alexa or Google know. Either will automatically fetch a recipe that matches what you’re looking for. They can also make calls through your smartphone for you.

In essence, these virtual assistants act as central hubs for your home’s devices. They can even adjust the kind of lighting in your home, or change the temperature. All you need are the right tools to go with them.

Gadgets, Gadgets, And More Gadgets

Lightbulbs like the Philip Hue can adjust their colors and intensity to match whatever mood you may be in during the day. Your lighting can also be automatically adjusted based on the time of day, or the day itself.

If you prefer to relax on Sunday, go for a light blue in your room. Friday partiers may want brighter colors shifting between each other.

Robot vacuums like Roombas can also be controlled through your smartphone or home assistant. Just tell your Alexa or Google Home device that you want your carpet cleaned, and your robot will get to work. You can even control your Wi-Fi signal with your voice, as long as you have the right gadgets.

There’s an extensive list of gadgets that you can get to make your home smarter, and you can check it out here.

Your Future DIY Smart Home Is Here

Houses are premade for the people that buy it. Yet, no home is premade — you can only ever build it yourself. And with the right smart home technology, you can build it in a weekend.

That’s because the modern DIY smart home can be set up with just a few new lightbulbs and a new vacuum. All you need is a virtual assistant to get you started, and soon your home will be the comforting escape from the world you knew it could be. The more gadgets you invest in, the smarter and more comfortable it will be.

However, there’s more you can do with your home than make it technologically smart. For ideas, just reach out to us here. We will send you a free catalog filled with new DIY ideas to make your house into a home