The Fix Up: How to Remodel Your Master Bedroom


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According to doctors and scientists, we spend about 33 percent of our time sleeping. It also means the very first and very last thing you’ll see most days is your bedroom.

If you’re not happy with that space, that adds up to a lot of aggravation over the years. Tired of all of that aggravation?

Keep reading and we’ll discuss the top master bedroom remodel options you can take advantage of to improve that space.

New Furniture

One of the simplest ways you can remodel your master bedroom with new furniture. A new bedroom set can mimic any number of current or historical styles, from modern minimalist to French Provincial.

New furniture also poses the smallest disruption in your life since you can often schedule delivery to meet your needs. You also avoid the need to abandon your bedroom while physical changes happen in the space.


One of the most inexpensive remodeling jobs you can do is new paint in the bedroom. A new color will fundamentally alter the look and feel of your bedroom space.

If you’re a DIY sort of person, you can even take this project on yourself with nothing more than some paint rollers, brushes, and painter’s tape. Lack the time or inclination? You can always outsource the job to a local painter.

New Flooring

New flooring is one of the more radical remodeling options you can embrace. Engineered hardwood flooring makes it relatively easy to cover over flooring you don’t like with a floating floor.

You can take it a step further and replace the current floor with tile or hardwood. You can even cover the whole thing over with carpet if you’re sick of putting your feet on a cold, hard floor every morning.

New Window Coverings

New window coverings offer a subtler remodel option. New curtains can add a spark of color that the room lacked beforehand or mellow the space with a neutral tone. You can also add in new shades or blinds.

Not sure what you want in new window coverings? You can check out some of the options over at Blinds & Shades By Martha.

Expand the Room

The most radical remodel is also the change with one of the best returns on investment: expanding the master bedroom. Some of the most common expansions are a bigger bathroom, more closet space, and pushing a wall out for additional space.

Because these renovations often require plumbing work, electrical work, or involve load-bearing walls, you’ll want the services of a contractor.

A Parting Thought on Your Master Bedroom Remodel

A master bedroom remodel can range from the very simple to the very complicated. On the simple side, you can get new furniture, update window coverings, and paint. On the more complex side, you can expand the room or install a new floor.

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