The Interior Design Advice That Will Help You Transform Your Home


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While so much energy in the world is devoted to perfecting design, we never really spend time talking about bad design. If you’re looking for interior design advice, there are some basic rules and tips about how you should be true to yourself while also throwing everything out. It’s hard to know which advice is better for you when it’s typically all over the map.

Here are four tips to consider when you’re trying to give new life to your space.

1. Paint Can Change Everything

If you want to improve the look and feel of any space, all you have to do is to paint the walls. Painting smaller rooms with lighter colors will make them feel larger and brighter. If you’re looking to maximize your space in small quarters, this is the way to go.

Small rooms might feel cramped, even with large windows. However, if you go with light colors, bright pastels, or even white walls, you can make the whole room look much bigger. When we’re in a darker space, even one with the same dimensions, it’ll feel cramped and smaller.

Avoid dark colors and you’ll have rooms that feel inviting and give people a sense that they’re much bigger than they really are. If you can rearrange your furniture to make the most of your natural light, you’ll be able to keep from feeling boxed in.

Paint not only brightens up a room, but it also gives you a fresh take on an old space. If you’ve been in the same house for a while or are rehabbing an older home, you can make it feel very fun and modern with paint. All that you need is a creative take on what the space should look like to get started.

2. Mirrors Make A Difference

While you could chalk this up to a mere optical illusion, decorative mirrors work wonders when you’re trying to brighten or expand a space. One of the major tricks to interior design is to give a space more light and get control over not only the look, but also the feel.

Making a space feel larger changes the way someone reacts to any other element inside of it.

If you have limited natural light in a space, add mirrors to give it more light and a wider feel. Placing mirrors directly across from windows increased the amount of light in a room in a measurable way. It also helps by filling in empty wall space.

A gorgeous decorative mirror becomes more than just a mirror. It can be its own category of sculpture or decoration. With some of the beautiful woodwork you can find on these mirrors, you can make a space feel more friendly and like home.

3. Mix Things Together

When you’re trying to get more out of your interior design, don’t think about having a single and boring unified aesthetic. While this is great for catalogs, it’s not as interesting to actually live inside of. If you have a piece of super modern furniture, having a family heirloom kicking around won’t take away from that.

You want your home and your interior design to reflect who you are and what you’re interested in. Your personality and style don’t come from a catalog, so if you’re going to create a space that reflects you, then you should have something more realistic.

Older items bring a story to tell. They can enliven and embolden those older pieces of furniture, bringing much-needed personality to minimalist design.

When you’re adding art, don’t be afraid to put unlike things in the same room. Sculptures and paintings from different eras or in different styles might go together better than you’d think. One might be a centerpiece of the room while the other fills in the space, keeping the first piece from having to do all of the work.

You can and should mix old and new, expensive and inexpensive together. That’s what will make your home feel unique.

4. You Have What You Need

In most cases, you have most of the things you need to get started in decorating your space. There are surely some possessions in storage, in closets, or that you haven’t thought about in a while that could use the light of day. By pulling them out, you could bring a whole new feeling to your space.

Simple trays, ashtrays, or glass dishes can fill a space with a lively spirit. By placing some simple items in there, you can make your interior decorating feel a little like poetry.

Drink carts and tea carts are a great way to make guests feel at home and also let them know where to go to fix themselves a drink. Simple bedside tables, end tables, and coffee tables can be spruced up with a dusting or a wipe down to bring them back to life.

Even pages from old children’s books and illustrated academic books can bring a lot of interesting energy to a space. Imagine an old illustrated life cycle of a frog, framed nicely, and hanging in your bathroom. It makes sense in a way while in another way, it’s playful and quirky.

For an interior inspired by what you find interesting, check out some guides to learn more.

Interior Design Advice Should Suit Your Life

When you’re getting interior design advice, take it with a grain of salt or try to make sure it can meet your needs. No two designers are the same and no two designers are going to agree on what’s good for you.

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